Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian split turns into scandal

Emily Ratajkowski and your husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, with whom he has a baby of almost a year, confirmed that they are separating after four years of marriage, amid speculation of infidelity. The model did not comment on the rumors of betrayal, but her followers on social networks noticed a clue that could reveal the reason for the end of the relationship.

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Her most loyal fans noticed that in recent days the model has been liking several messages on Twitter in which issues of infidelity were discussed.

For example, she liked a post where a person asked ‘how someone was able to be unfaithful to one of the most desirable women in the world’. For her followers this would confirm the theory that Sebastian was not loyal to her.

Emily also liked posts where people commented that they were happy that she was single again.

The split came amid rumors that Bear-McClard had cheated on Ratajkowski with other women, in addition to the lawsuit he was responding to over back rent.

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Emily Ratajkowski believes that the new coronavirus pandemic will lead many couples to divorce. The model and actress, who has been married since 2018 to actor Sebastian Bear-McClard, says she feels ‘comfortable’ in her own relationship, but suggested that being quarantined and spending 24 hours a day with her partner, ‘may be too much for some people’.

Speaking to GQ magazine’s Heroes segment, she commented: “It’s been interesting being quarantined and married. I feel like a lot of people are going to end up getting divorced. But my husband and I are on a good partnership. And I think I learned a lot about being married for sure.”, she claims.

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For Emily, many people will come out of confinement stronger, but with more anxiety.

She admits that it hasn’t completely sunk in yet about the severity of the current health crisis, despite knowing two people who have tested positive for the respiratory illness.

Asked about anxiety and stress, given the uncertainty of the world, she said: “I think that’s the hardest part: this kind of threat that is everywhere. Obviously the numbers are going up every day and I know of two people who have tested positive but it still doesn’t feel like we’ve been hit. It’s more like there’s no way of knowing how long it would last or the severity. I think it’s producing anxiety in most people,” she says.

Despite the difficulties, Emily is using this mandatory time at home to work on her book of essays, which she described as “a memoir, but with added political thought”.

She explained: “I probably have 10 [ensaios]🇧🇷 But I’m trying to perfect them… that’s one of the main things I’ve been doing [isoladamente]🇧🇷 For me, it’s been the only benefit of the coronavirus, which has been interesting (…) I have 160 pages, all in draft form. All I needed was to have no distractions and I promised myself that I was going to tell everyone to let me work and finish these jobs.”

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