Even music from Brazilian fans contradicts Kaká’s speech about Ronaldo – 12/09/2022

“If you (foreigners) see Ronaldo Fenômeno walking around here, you’ll think ‘wow’, because he has something different. In Brazil, it’s just another fat guy walking down the street”. The statement made by Kaká on the English television program Be IN Sports does not withstand 10 minutes in the stands during the Qatar Cup.

The song most sung by Brazilian fans places Ronaldo among the heroes of the selection’s world title conquests.

“94, Romário, 2002, Phenomenon. First four-time champion. Only five times is Brasilzão”, says an excerpt from the song.

That is, if Ronaldo Fenômeno were disrespected by a significant part of the Brazilian fans, as suggested by the former player, he would never be alongside names like Pelé, Mané Garrincha and Romário in a song that mentions the glories of the Brazilian team.

It’s not just the song, also sung by Tite’s men, that contradicts the former player’s statement.

If Ronaldo were nothing more than a laughing stock for many Brazilians, he would not be a sought-after poster boy, especially at World Cup times.
As soon as we turn on the TV to watch the games, we see the Phenomenon participating in the advertisement.
“Of course, many Brazilians love Ronaldo, I love Ronaldo, but the way he is respected in Brazil and abroad is different, I see more respect for him outside the country than there”, declared the former athlete of the selection at another point in your participation in the program.
Kaká seems never to have talked, for example, with a Corinthian fan about Ronaldo. Fiel venerates the Phenomenon because of its passage through Alvinegro.

However, it is true that even among the fans, many call him Ronaldo Gordo.

In lists of the best of all times for Corinthians and the national team made by fans, it is common to see the name of the current owner of Cruzeiro. Cruzeirenses also idolize him for his early career at the Belo Horizonte club.

It’s even hard to imagine the scene narrated by Kaká: Ronaldo walking through the streets of Brazil without being harassed by fans.

Of course, you can find fans who don’t like the Phenomenon. But, the way it was said, Kaká was detached from reality in this matter.

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