Evercade EXP laptop charging stolen in organized attack

Several limited units of the console were stolen straight from the back of a transport truck

Manufacturer specialized in producing consoles and portables for retro gaming, the evercade announced last Wednesday (7) that a shipment of your products was stolen during transport🇧🇷 In a message posted on the company’s official website, CEO Andrew Byatt stated that the cargo was stolen directly from the transport trucks, in what appears to have been a organized and premeditated attack🇧🇷

🇧🇷Stock was being moved between our warehouses for shipping across the UK, US and consumers around the world — all stock was taken in this horrific and possibly organized raid”, stated Byatt. According to him, the company has already contacted the local authorities and is working to find out who was responsible for the action🇧🇷

According to the CEO of Evercade, the situation should mainly affect the launch of the Evercade EXP portable in black color, whose main units were in the stolen shipment. The device had been sold on a limited basis exclusively by the Funstock website, and the company warns that units sold elsewhere are likely to be theft🇧🇷

Evercade promises new units of the product

The company also confirmed that it will not let anyone who had bought the black Evercade EXP down, but that consumers may take a little longer to receive it🇧🇷 Given the limited nature of the product, the company will have to produce replacement units before it can begin the proper shipping process.

🇧🇷We recognize that this will be disappointing for our customers, and as a mark of our gratitude for your patience while we re-manufacture the goods, we will be creating a list of ‘Heroes’ that will be added to our console EXP credits.”, said the CEO. Furthermore, the company promised to send a screensaver and a 20% off coupon as compensation to affected buyers.

One of the differentials of Evercade’s products in relation to other retro notebooks is the fact that it provide many games with the support of the original developers🇧🇷 In the case of Evercade EXP, the product brings several games from capcom in its memory, also being compatible with cartridges that accompany compilations of old platforms like Intellivision.

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Hacker who stole GTA 6 source code tries to negotiate with Rockstar
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