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Published 12/08/2022 17:19

Qatar – FIFA went back on its planning and wants to keep four teams per group in the 2026 World Cup. the idea is to start the tournament with 12 groups. The information is from the “UOL” portal.

Initially, FIFA’s idea was to have 16 groups with three teams in each, with two of them advancing to the next stage, which had already been approved by the Council. However, the success of the group stage in Qatar, with emotion until the end in the last round, made the entity go back. The fear of encouraging some teams to play for a draw also weighed.

The knockout classification format is still being debated by FIFA. One possibility is to have 16 vacancies. In this case, only the first placed in each group and the four best runners-up would advance. However, there is also talk of holding an extra knockout round, with 32 teams advancing. Thus, all the first and second placed would enter, in addition to the eight best third placed.

Another subject that has generated internal debate is in relation to the triple headquarters. All three countries will host group stage games. However, there is already a movement for only the United States to receive matches in the second phase of the competition. In addition, four American cities are in contention to host the grand finale: New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas.

With the format undefined, it is still not possible to pinpoint how many games the World Cup will have in 2026. The tendency is for it to increase from 64 to more than 80.

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