Hawk seer of Qatar ‘attacks’ again after hitting almost all guesses in the round of 16 and predicts winners of the quarterfinals of the Cup; see the results

ESPN consulted the seer falcon again to find out the winners of the Cup quarterfinals, which begin this Friday (9)

O Qatar Seer Falcon strikes again!

After get no less than six of your eight guesses right in the round of 16 games world Cupwith excellent use of 75%Hur Hur put his gifts into action again and said who will be the winners of the quarterfinals (check it out in the video above🇧🇷

THE ESPN consulted the wisdom of the bird last Thursday (8th) and used the same method: flags of two countries were placed on its back, and the falcon had only to indicate with its beak who it thought would be the winner of the confrontation.

Your first guess was between Brazil and Croatiawhich open the quarterfinals of the World Cup this Friday (9), at 12:00 (Brasília time).

Without hesitation, the wise animal stuck in the can: Brazil🇧🇷

Then it was Hur Hur’s turn to deliver the verdict in another heavy game: Argentina x Netherlandsalso this Friday, at 4 pm.

Introspective, the bird took a few seconds, but made its prediction: gives Netherlands🇧🇷

Next, Hur Hur named the winners of the other two games in the quarterfinals, which will take place on Saturday (10).

At 12 noon Portugal take the surprising Moroccobut the falcon stated that the adventure of the Africans in the World Cup will end: it wins Portugal🇧🇷

Finally, at 4 pm, there will be the classic between France and England. Once again, Hur Hur showed his foresight: the France will advance.

It is worth remembering that, in the round of 16, the animal hit the winners of Argentina x Australia, Netherlands x United States, Japan x Croatia, Brazil x South Korea, France x Poland and Spain x Morocco.

However, he ended up missing England v Senegal and Portugal v Switzerland, showing that not even the brightest minds are foolproof…

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