How much will each team earn in the World Cup? Check the prizes

Each of the 32 teams receives aid of US$ 1.5 million (R$ 6.7 million) to participate in the tournament. And each stage generates more reward to countries. (Credit: Disclosure/CBF)

Fifa announced that it will pay more than R$ 2 billion in prizes in the tournament, an amount 10% more compared to the World Cup in Russia, in 2018. Each of the 32 selections receives aid of US$ 1.5 million ( BRL 6.7 million) to participate in the tournament. The nations that are eliminated in the group stage won US$ 9 million (R$ 46 million).

When passing the stage, 16 teams reached the round of 16, those who left the world at this stage receive US$ 13 million (R$ 66 million). The teams that advanced to the quarterfinals, which starts to be played this Friday, the 9th, were rewarded with a prize of US$ 17 million (R$ 86 million).

+ How much are the teams that enter the field in the quarterfinals in Qatar worth?

After the quarterfinals, prizes will be awarded according to the selections’ placement: the fourth place receives US$ 25 million (R$ 127 million); the third place wins US$ 27 million (R$ 138 million); the runner-up earns US$ 30 million (R$ 153 million); and the winning team will pocket US$ 42 million (R$ 214 million).

The value of the prize pools is the largest in the history of the tournament. The World Cup in Qatar, in addition to being the one that most spent to hold the event, will also be the one that will pay the most in prizes for the participating teams.

According to Front Office Sports data collected by Statista, the World Cup in Qatar had a cost of US$ 220 billion. The Cup in Russia cost US$ 11.6 billion (value 19 times less) and the World Cup in Brazil, US$ 15 billion (value 14 times less).

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