How to know if your WhatsApp is being tracked by someone

Many people are concerned about the privacy of information circulating through the Whatsapp🇧🇷 It can be disturbing to imagine that someone could have access to the messages, texts and videos that are sent and received within the messenger.

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But calm down! There is an easy way to find out if WhatsApp is being tracked by third parties.

Tips to avoid being tracked on WhatsApp

When an audio is marked as played even without the user having heard it, for example. This shows that someone is improperly downloading the content. The same applies for images or videos from within the chat.

Another tip is to look in the list of software installed both on the computer and on the cell phone and if there are any programs among them that could harm the user’s data. Generally, spy tools collect user information.

Furthermore, it is not recommended to use WhatsApp Web on a computer that does not belong to the owner of the messenger account. But what about end-to-end application encryption?🇧🇷 It only protects the communication between two devices, which loses effect if there is an attacker in action.

In the case of cell phones, to avoid a possible invasion, it is still possible to bet on tools that strengthen security, such as more complex passwords and biometric validation to unlock the device. Two-Step Authentication is a good option to double-secure a WhatsApp account.

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