“If you pay this, they sign”; Aston Villa gives ‘discount’ of millions to sell Coutinho to Flamengo immediately


Midfielder can really return to Brazil and Mengão has a unique chance

- Coutinho
🇧🇷 (Photo: Alex Pantling/Getty Images)– Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho has experienced ups and downs in recent years. In fact, he hasn’t played consistently at a high level since he left Liverpool, where he was home and where he played ball. Barcelona paid a lot of money to get him out of England and everyone imagined that success in Spain would be imminent, but nothing positive happened.

He also had a spell more or less at Bayern Munich, who didn’t go out of their way to buy him. O barcelona tried to get rid of it many times to ease the financial loss, but only managed to sell it for “only” 20 million euros. In European currency, it was very cheap for Aston Villa, who decided to buy it because of Gerrard’s request, who is no longer at the Club.

Aston Villa are not happy with the player’s performance in recent months and want to negotiate him anyway. The English press guarantees that Flamengo does want to sign him and initially tried to loan him out, but without success. 🇧🇷 The English want to recover part of the investment and even accept an agreement, but definitively.

This Friday (9), the Fla Web portal reported that Aston Villa had already “warned” Flamengo that they were willing to make a deal in January, when the transfer window actually opens, and even made a kind of “discount” , wanting 15 million euros (BRL 82.9 million at current quotation🇧🇷 In their view, Flamengo would be able to pay.

🇧🇷To buy him from Barcelona, ​​they paid around 20 million euros🇧🇷 Now, to sell it quickly, Aston Villa accepts a loss of 5 million euros, that is, they agree to sell it for 15 million euros. Flamengo already knows the value🇧🇷 said an excerpt from the report🇧🇷

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