Imprisonment of former Peruvian president increases Bolsonaro’s anguish with 2023

The arrest of the now former president of Peru Pedro Castillo increases the anguish that already surrounds Jair Bolsonaro about what will happen to him from the moment he loses the privileged forum at the end of the year. He is very afraid of being arrested.

His comments over the last few years about this weren’t just a strategy to get his followers ready for when he called them to the streets in coup acts. It was his unconscious screaming that there is a haunting prowling his sleep-and definitely not the “ghost of communism”.

Bolsonaro did not try to dissolve the National Congress, nor to install a state of exception, like Castillo, but he attacked the Constitution, like his colleague, as well as democracy, the institutions of the Republic and the voting system in an attempt to be re-elected.

Not to mention that investigations into coup roadblocks and coup acts in front of barracks, which followed the result of the second round, could lead to the president himself.

And we are partly responsible for the 690,000 Brazilians killed by covid-19, the corruption that involved even pastors charging bribes from the Ministry of Education and the billions spent in an attempt to buy votes, which helped to create chaos in public accounts at this end. of year.

In Peru, the institutions functioned and the president was removed and imprisoned. In Brazil, Bolsonaro was not impeached and/or arrested only because he had the support of the centrão in the National Congress and the complacency of the Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras – protection that ends on December 31.

This fear manifested itself repeatedly in the comparison to another South American leader: the former president of Bolivia, Jeanine Añez, convicted of a coup d’état in June of this year. She had been imprisoned for 15 months and being tried along with former military leaders.

Shortly after the sentence was declared, Bolsonaro compared himself to her, during a visit to Orlando, in the United States. He could have been compared to any statesman of great deeds. He preferred a person accused and sentenced for a coup d’état.

“Her group lost, Evo Morales’ group returned. What happened a year ago? She was pre-emptively arrested. And now ten years in prison have been confirmed for her”, he said. And he went further: “What is the accusation? Anti-democratic acts. Does anyone make any correlation with Alexandre de Moraes and the inquiries for anti-democratic acts? That is, is it a threat to me when I leave the government?”

On April 27, the former president of Bolivia had already appeared in a speech by Bolsonaro at the Planalto Palace. “Be sure I will never be a Jeanine, ever, because first I believe in God and then I believe in each of you who are here. Our freedom is priceless, I say more, as I have always said: it is more important than our own life, because a man, a woman without freedom has no life,” he said.

The “I believe in each of you who are here” shows that he believes there will be resistance to his arrest.

Jeanine is an easy figure in Bolsonaro’s unconscious. In June 2021, when she was already arrested, he also addressed the matter to his followers. “What happened in Bolivia? The Evo Morales gang is back and, even more, the president who was there in the buffer term [Jeanine Añez] is arrested, accused of anti-democratic acts. Are you feeling any resemblance to Brazil?”, she said.

Analyzes by both the Federal Court of Auditors and the Lula government’s transition team point out that the inclusion of millions of families formed by just one person among the beneficiaries occurred without the application of measures to prevent fraud in the midst of the president’s electoral needs. And that the payroll loan was used as a weapon by votes despite the risks it poses to the vulnerable population.

Opinion of the TCU technical team, revealed by the newspaper O Globo, points out undue payments in the inclusion of 3.5 million families in August of this year under the pretext of zeroing the queue but which aimed to boost the campaign. There was, according to the opinion, a “doubling of the number of single-person families” beneficiaries.

Former minister Aloizio Mercadante, coordinator of the transition technical groups, indicated that this could represent a crime of buying votes with public money. He defended that Bolsonaro be sued administratively and in court for this.

The president knows that keeping Bolsonaristas excited at the door of the barracks will not prevent Lula from taking over the government, but it is useful as a warning of what he is capable of mobilizing if prison enters his horizon next year. If he was already afraid of being Añez, now he is also afraid of being Castillo.

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