In the battle with Croatia, Tite has Neymar almost 100% and repeats lineup – 12/09/2022

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With Neymar already almost 100% fit, but Alex Sandro still not training hard, the Brazilian team should enter the field for the knockout match against Croatia, today at noon, with the same lineup as the match against South Korea. Same team, another mission: neutralize the Modric, Kovacic and Brozovic trio.
The clash with Croatia gives Tite the chance to get out of his head the trauma caused by the loss to Belgium in 2018.

The INSS does not open, because of the game in Brazil; see opening hours of banks and stores.
Another game, at 4 pm: Holland X Argentina.
The 2026 World Cup could have 12 groups, with four teams in each. If FIFA’s idea is confirmed, there will be 88 games in the tournament.


Under new direction

ministers - Reproduction - Reproduction

Quoted for ministries; Fernando Haddad, José Múcio, Flávio Dino, Rui Costa

Image: Reproduction

Lula decided to release today (he has an interview scheduled for 10 am) the name of five ministers🇧🇷

  • Fernando Haddad, at the Ministry of Finance.
  • José mucioin Defense.
  • Flávio Dino, in Justice (dismembered from Public Security).
  • Rui Costa, at the Civil House.
  • Mauro Vieira, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Graciliano Rocha
tells why Faria Lima resists Haddad in charge of government finances.


Bolsonaro’s son 01 (Flávio) said that his father “began to move” and that he could pass the presidential sash to Lula. Part of the excitement would come from the possibility of electing an ally to preside over the Senate and “take revenge” on Alexandre de Moraes and “make Lula’s life hell”.
The salary paid by the PL to Bolsonaro to be honorary president of the party. Adding the value to the pensions in the Army and in the Chamber, Bolsonaro will earn about R$ 85 thousand per month.

BRL 9.5 billion

It was the value of payroll loans released to beneficiaries of the Auxílio Brasil between the first and second shifts.


As they say, the world goes round: enemy nº 1 of Bolsonaristas, Alexandre de Moraes was once the target of the left.
Carolina Brígido
reveals that Minister Ricardo Lewandowski does not want to “wait for the coffee to be served cold” and plans to retire in early 2023.


Perhaps the discussion of the PEC in the Chamber is not as calm as in the Senate. Tales Faria tells that Arthur Lira told deputies from the centão that the agreement – to have access to the opinion of the PEC rapporteur in the Senate before the vote – was not fulfilled. As a result, party leaders do not feel obliged to approve the text without amendments.


São Paulo has a hot weekend again; see forecast for the country.


The bulletin takes advantage of its debut today, at Apple TV+, from Emancipation – A Story of Freedom to list outstanding performances by Will Smith. To receive every Thursday tips on what to see on the small screen and on the big screen, register.


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Will Smith

will smith - Disclosure - Disclosure

Scene from ‘Emancipation: A Story of Freedom’, with Will Smith

Image: Disclosure

In an exclusive interview with Flavia Guerrathe actor Will Smith said that Emancipationhis first film since slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, is the hardest he’s ever made.


Dollars in the bathroom of a former minister, sister-in-law arrested and other bad things: what weighs against Pedro Castillo, removed from the Presidency of Peru.
American basketball player Brittney Griner was released by Russia in a prisoner exchange.
Iran has executed a man accused of wounding a paramilitary in a demonstration triggered by the death of Mahsa Amini.


Gout, dengue and even gonorrhea: see ten causes of joint pain and what to do.


What is the mixture of Brazil and Croatia? In the kitchen, it yielded a beautiful octopus salad.
Created by a woman and “mother” of the famous rosés, Veuve Clicquot is 250 years old. Is it worth a toast?

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