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Do you think your Instagram posts are having less engagement what would be normal? Because, from now on, the platform will inform the user when a publication is not being rrecommended for non-followers🇧🇷 The news was announced this week by Adam Mosseri, CEO of the social network.

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“We’re announcing new transparency tools so you can see whether or not your photos and videos are recommended in places like Explore,” he said in a video posted on Twitter.

“We know reach can be volatile. You can see how many people you reach over time, whether it goes up or down, and one of the reasons that happens is that sometimes your account can end up in a state where it’s not eligible for your photos and videos in what we call recommendations.”

According to the Mashable portal, there are several reasons why publications can be blocked, such as not following community guidelines or they have been flagged for inappropriate content alert too many times.

How to see if your publications are not recommended

To find out if this is happening with the profile itself, the path is simple. First, you need to access the “Settings” menu. Then, enter “Account”, and then “Account Status”. From there, the user will have access to the details of their publications and will also know if any of them may be infringing the community guidelines.

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