Iran executes 1st person for participating in protests in the country

Mohsen Shekari allegedly attacked a policeman during demonstrations over the death of young Mahsa Amini

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Protests over Amini's death have spread across Iran since September

Protests over Amini’s death have spread across Iran since September

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Iran’s justice system announced that it carried out, this Thursday (8), the first death sentence against a person convicted of participating in the popular demonstrations for more freedom for women that began in September after the death of young Mahsa Amini.

The man condemned to death by hanging was Mohsen Shekari, accused of having attacked a policeman and of having blocked a road to prevent the agents from passing through. He even took the policeman’s gun at a demonstration held in Tehran on September 25.

According to the official decision after the trial held on November 10, Shekari would have “confessed” to the crime and was convicted of “enmity against God”. In addition to the Iranian, at least 11 other people also received the same sentence for participating in the acts.

Iran Human Rights director Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam has warned that these executions will become daily “if there are no quick practical consequences at the international level”.

In addition to those under maximum condemnation, the same NGO already points to more than 470 deaths in protests across the country.

Amini, 22 years old, died in a hospital while in the custody of the morality and good customs police. She was arrested because she was not wearing the Islamic headscarf correctly. Her death sparked a wave of protests across Iran that asked, in addition to justice, for the strict 1979 dress code to be revoked and for women to have more rights.

The demonstrations took place in more than 160 cities across all 31 Iranian provinces and are seen as the most intense since the Iranian Revolution. The authorities claim that the demonstrations are encouraged by “foreign enemies”, but have already announced a possible revocation of the morale police.


German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock stated that “the Iranian regime’s contempt for humanity is borderless”.

“Mohsen Shekari was convicted and executed with a perverse and swift process because he had a different opinion from the regime. But the threat of capital execution will not stifle people’s desire for freedom,” he said.

British Chancellor James Cleverly said the UK was “outraged” and stressed that “the world cannot turn a blind eye to the blatant violence committed by the Iranian regime against its own people”. 🇧🇷

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