‘It will be better than Ronaldo and Romário’

Endrick agreed with Real Madrid, but the 16-year-old boy will only be able to leave Palmeiras in 2024, the year he will turn 18; negotiation is 72 million euros (R$ 394 million)

This Thursday (8), the palm trees agreed to sell Endrick, aged 16, to Real Madrid🇧🇷 The information was found firsthand this Thursday (8) by Vinicius Nicoletti, reporter for ESPN channels.

The official announcement of the agreement still depends on the signing of the contract, but Endrick will only leave Allianz Parque in 2024, when he turns 18. Through their social networks, Former player Neto lamented the striker’s early departure and made a prediction about the player’s future🇧🇷

“Too bad we won’t see Endrick much here in Brazil, but this kid is going to fly in his career. By the way, it will be better than Ronaldo and Romário!“, said the idol of the Corinthians and current commentator Bandeirantes on your Twitter.

Endrick’s sale to the Merengues should be made official soon, depending only on the signing of the contract. The negotiation was finalized in 72 million euros, around BRL 394 million. The boy’s termination fine was 60 million euros (R$ 328 million), but the merengue team insisted on raising the offer, avoiding competition and pay the transaction taxes, in a package valued at 12 million euros (R$ 66 million).

Even if the transfer is closed, Endrick will introduce himself to the giant merengue in July 2024, in the first European window after reaching the age of majority in Brazil (18 years old)🇧🇷

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