Jennifer Lawrence in controversy with Kill Bill? Come and understand the latest criticism of the artist

Jennifer Lawrence opened up about the high reviews she received after speaking out controversially about starring in action movies. Understand!

Last Wednesday (7), the magazine Variety published a conversation betweenJennifer Lawrence and Viola Davis for the channel’s “Actors On Actors” series. During the 45-minute conversation, the two reflected on their careers and, at one point, talked about Jennifer’s role in the films of Hunger Games.

It was then that JLaw released a sentence that generated great controversy and repercussions, stating that she was the first woman to star in action films:

I remember when I made ‘The Hunger Games’, nobody had ever cast a woman as the lead in an action movie because ‘it wouldn’t work’, because they tell us that girls and boys identify with male protagonists, but boys don’t identify with female protagonists” .

Shortly after the interview came out, Jennifer’s comments went viral, and viewers were quick to express that she certainly wasn’t the first woman to star in an action movie, with many notable performances.

Who does not know the iconic Linda Hamilton as a star of the first Terminator and Uma Thurmanhistorical protagonist of Kill Bill? Netizens also remembered Michelle Yeoh, Michelle Rodriguez and Milla Jovovich🇧🇷

Jennifer Lawrence speaks out about the controversy

Now, the actress is clarifying, assuring fans that she didn’t want to discredit the work of her colleagues. 🇧🇷This is certainly not what I meant. I know I’m not the only woman who’s starred in an action movie.”, she said to Hollywood Reporter🇧🇷

“What I wanted to emphasize was how good it is”, she added, referring to the outdated belief that women are not suited to star in action movies. 🇧🇷And I meant that with Viola – to bust these old myths that you hear about… about the talk you’d hear about that kind of thing.” “But it was my mistake and it came out wrong”, she concluded. 🇧🇷I was nervous talking to a living legend.”



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