Jessica Biel is the star of “Candy”, a crime that leaves us surprised by the American Justice


Just judge well to do well,
and judge the best we can
so that we can also do our best”.


After having won a mandate, behold, the chosen one started shooting at the crowned head, practically attributing to her, so to speak, all the misfortunes in the world.

Behind the scenes, it is said that it would have been the determination of the former boss, who, by the way, decided to adopt the strategy of “knocking and blowing”. Reactions are being programmed, as the Portuguese proverb teaches that “little bird in the molt [troca de penas] does not sing”. Thus…


Upon assuming the position of governor, on January 1, 2023, Eduardo Riedel will have a Council of State and two executive secretaries in the Civil House: Political Management of the Capital and Political Management of the Interior.

The Secretariat for Government and Strategic Management (Segov) will gain the Office of International Relations and three executive secretaries, namely Communication, Digital Transformation and Strategy and Municipality Management.


Deputy governor-elect José Carlos Barbosa, who resigns as state deputy on December 31 to assume the new position, will not occupy any secretariat in the future administration. He left
clear, however, that he will exercise the functions that the position confers on him.

That is, it will assist the holder whenever he is summoned for some mission, and in this aspect political issues are included. He has already been playing this role, as coordinator of the transition team, in addition to having good political influence.

new names

Some secretariats of State will have new names in the future management. The name Debureaucratization, for example, ceases to exist in the Administration Secretariat.

The Secretariat for Human Rights, Social Assistance and Labor (Sedhast) will be renamed Sedhas, losing the Work Foundation, which will integrate the new Secretariat for the Environment, Economic Development, Production and Family Agriculture (Semadesc), which will replace the current Semagro .

more changes

Another body that will change its name from January 1, 2023 is the Infrastructure Secretariat (Seinfra), which will be renamed the Infrastructure and Logistics Secretariat (Seilog), adding sanitation to the energy superintendence, but will be without MSGás , which goes to Semadesc.

The Secretariat for Citizenship and Culture (Secic) will also change to the Secretariat for Tourism, Sport, Culture and Citizenship (Setescc), maintaining the Culture Foundation and receiving Fundtur and Fundesporte.


Mayor Adriane Lopes “pulled” Councilman Sandro Benitez, colleague of
party, to command the Municipal Secretary of Health.

It was not the dream name of 20 of the congressman’s colleagues, who had signed a list defending another name, from the House itself, for the position. With the decision, the mayor demonstrates that she would not be willing to accept interference in her management, to whom she wants to “give her face”.

Dr.  Ronaldo Perches de Queiroz and Rita Locci QueirozDr. Ronaldo Perches de Queiroz and Rita Locci Queiroz – personal archive

jumping kid

There are many MS politicians who have entered the radar of people who do not accept the result of the elections for President of the Republic. Those with a tendency to the left are suffering from popular demonstrations that, for the most part, are not pleasant. In the streets, on planes and at religious celebrations, there are people sweating cold and hoping not to be noticed. Four parliamentarians have had to face problems at different times.



Former deputy Dione Hashioka should return to the MS Legislative Assembly for 30 days. She, who has already served in that House, is an alternate for state deputy José Barbosa, who will resign to take over
the position of deputy governor. The term of office of parliamentarians ends on January 31. A curiosity: Dione will leave the chair and, the following day, February 1st, her husband Roberto Hashioka will take office to exercise his first term as a legislator.


Dr. Gabriel Morilhas Corrêa da Costa,
Arusa Dayana Salgado and Santos Cabral,
Cleir Avila Ferreira Junior,
Maria Helena Rozin Barbosa,
Divoncir Schreiner Maran Junior,
Luciana Annunciation,
Carlos Issa,
Ines Conceição da Silva,
Jane Terezinha Lino,
Nayara Regina dos Anjos,
Ana Cristina Camargo de Castro,
Riad Emilio Saddi,
Tânia Conceição Battaglin Brum Berti,
Paulo Claudiano Freire Netto,
Daniella Barroso Netto,
Zeleida Aparecida Siqueira Moura,
Rafaella dos Santos Pereira Interlando,
Floriza Cardoso,
Geraldo D’Souza,

Livia Machado Maksoud,
Neiva Conceição Faria Campos D’Oliveira,
Gladiston Reisktins of Amorim,
Cristina Conceicao Oliveira Mota,
Anali Neves Costa,
Daniela Rocha Rodrigues Wig,
Eriko Silva Santos,
Fabio Hilario Martinez de Oliveira,
Gabriela Alves God,
Jean Junior Nunes,
Magda da Conceição Ormay Molas Pianezzola,
Dr. Diomedes Borges do Amaral,
Joao Luiz Rosa Marques,
Marco Andre Honda Flores,
Adelaide Teresinha Seider,
Neudir Simon Ferabolli,
Vânia Barreto de Queiroz,
Luiz Valentine daSilva,
Valcilio Carlos Jonasson,
Teamajormar Glauco Bezerra de Almeida,

Carlos Augusto Melke Filho,
Vera Lucia Verde Selva,
Abdalla Yacoub Maachar Neto,
Carlos Vicente de Almeida,
Suzana Tomie Fukuhara,
Conceicao Quintana,
Marco Antonio Rodrigues,
Mayra Ribeiro Gomes,
Ramão Sobral,
Maria Cacilda Brandao,
Andréia de Souza Ferreira,
Paulo Márcio Machado Metello,
Sebastian Moreira Ferro,
Gisela Nantes D’Avila,
Aldonso Vicente da Silva,
Maria Campos Pacheco,
Nilma Coutinho,
José Carlos de Andrade,
Mariangela Gaspar,
Dr. Alexandre Alexiades,
peacock narduche,
Anilton da Costa Duarte,
Rafael Ibanês de Moraes Neto,

Dr. Washington Cassio Justino Pedroso,
Gilma Gonzalez Chaves,
Joao Lino Rodrigues,
Roberto Cesar Catelan,
Joao Freire de Oliveira,
Edison Gutierres,
Jaime Douglas Belintani,
Pedro Yonehara,
Tania Maria de Lima,
Adam Luiz Pereira,
Peter Paul Cardoso,
Roberto Schifer Bernardi,
Ambrozina Oliveira Dutra,
Jose Joao Pires Oliveira,
José Ferreira dos Anjos Neto,
Loridani Martins Gonçalves,
Maria do Nascimento,
Jeferson Barbosa Marques,
Edson Nogueira,
Hilda Panhoti Ribeiro,
Viviane Vignolli Nascimento,
Mauro Lucio Rosario,

Renato Carlos Vieira Mangelli,
Regiane de Queiroz Santos Delmondes,
Luciano Ribeiro de Souza,
Oscar Ramos Louveira,
Carlos Alberto Salgueiro da Cunha Rosa,
Luiz dos Santos Souza,
Alencar Lemos Passos,
Rui Aparecido da Silva Martins,
Wania Conceição de Oliveira Fernandes,
Pedro Farias de Oliveira,
Amariles Diniz Ramires,
Joceli Pires,
Pedro Luiz Sanches Jr.
Adriana dos Santos Piornedo,
Paola Lincetti Ferreira,
Antonio Paulo Nunes de Abreu,
Evaldo Luiz Pereira da Rosa.


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