Judge suspended for appearing half-naked in audience poses with lingerie

Colombian judge Vivian Polania, 34, who was suspended from her duties after appearing half-naked during a hearing broadcast via Zoom, caused it again by appearing in transparent lingerie in a photo on social media.

Through her Instagram profile, Polania exuded sensuality in an intimate piece that highlights the dozens of tattoos spread across her body.

In the caption, the magistrate provoked by questioning the followers: “Did you miss me?”, he wrote.


Vivian Poland caught the attention of the Colombian press for posting sensual photos on social media. However, recently the judge was warned by the Judicial Disciplinary Commission of Norte de Santander for appearing half-naked in a virtual hearing.

During the videoconference made on the Zoom platform, the judge appeared wearing only a blouse and panties, smoking a cigarette. She was participating in a hearing related to an attack with explosives inside an army brigade, which took place in Cucutain June 2021

The committee said the decision to place Vivian on unpaid leave until February was taken after it was determined that she was unfit to carry out her duties as she failed to respect the parties at the hearing and failed to comply with the judicial dress code.

The judge defended herself and denied that she was half naked in the virtual session. According to her account, at the time she was lying down during the meeting because she had suffered an anxiety attack and had low blood pressure due to work overload.

Vivian has already been investigated for sharing daring photos of herself in sexy clothes and showing off her 37 tattoos on her Instagram profile, where she has more than 300,000 followers.

The judge revealed that when she started working in Cúcuta, she couldn’t bear to wear pants because of the intense heat in the region, so she opted to wear shorts and T-shirts. However, this began to bother some people around her.

Despite the criticism, Vivian does not intend to give up her style and preferences because of a few disapproving looks. She also stated that she will not change her personality for anyone.

“I got tired of pleasing people instead of seeking my peace of mind”, declared the magistrate.

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