Kaká criticizes fans: ‘In Brazil, Ronaldo is just a fat man’

World Champion with the Brazilian national team in 2002, former player Kaká criticized the treatment that soccer idols receive in Brazil. In an interview for the television program BeIN Sports, from England, he stated that many Brazilians do not support the national team and mentioned Ronaldo Fenômeno and Neymar.

“It’s strange to say this, but many Brazilians don’t support Brazil. It happens sometimes. If you see Ronaldo walking around here, you’ll be like ‘wow’, he has something different here. In Brazil, it’s just a fat man walking down the street “, said Kaka.

Program commentators, former players John Terry and Gary Neville were surprised by Kaka’s claims. “Wait a minute… Doesn’t Ronaldo have the same appreciation from Brazilians as he does from us?”, asked Richard Keys, presenter of the program.

“Of course, many Brazilians love Ronaldo, I love Ronaldo, but the way he is respected in Brazil and abroad is different, I see more respect for him outside the country than there”, replied Kaká.

Kaká’s demonstration began when he spoke about the criticism that Neymar received at the beginning of the World Cup. For him, talents are not always recognized.

“Right now, many people in Brazil are talking about Neymar, but in a negative way,” he said. “Maybe, maybe it’s because of politics, but we Brazilians sometimes don’t recognize our talents”, he added.

This is not the first controversy that Kaká has been involved in at the World Cup. In recent days he exchanged barbs with former player Casagrande. On social networks, Kaká posted a montage with a photo of Casagrande in the Fifa tribune of honor after the commentator criticized the presence of champions in FIFA events.

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