Luís Castro praises Jeffinho at Botafogo and ‘repeats’ Alex Ferguson’s strategy with Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the big names in Botafogo in the 2022 season it was Jeffinho🇧🇷 with the technician Luis Castrothe attacker grew up, was hired permanently and stood out in the Championship Brazilian🇧🇷 At the end of the year, he scored three goals in the 4-2 victory over Charlton and did not do so well in the 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace.

The difference in performances was cited by Luís Castro, who also recalled a strategy used by coach Alex ferguson with Cristiano Ronaldo at the beginning of the career.

🇧🇷 It only proves that it is in the development process, otherwise it would maintain the level in both games. One had more difficulty than the other. Jeffinho is a talent, technically he has great capacity, tactically he still has his difficulties and he is trying to solve them, because there are no teams that can leave a player out at certain times. Physically he is still developing and mentally he still feels troubled here and there in the game, he needs the stabilization that the accumulation of games will give. He is currently playing, playing and playing to improve his skills. But he has to be left out sometimes, to be removed, to know that the process is not just about playing. As Ferguson did with Cristiano Ronaldo, sometimes when he was well, he took him out because he felt he had things to work on, because otherwise the player might think that there is nothing left to work on. and there is a lot – emphasized Luís Castro, in an interview with “Charla Podcast” this Thursday (8/12).

🇧🇷 He is very good and was decisive in some games, he had a very strong participation in the good achievements we had. The group works very well, all very well, with great professionals – pointed out the coach.

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