Man steals his own cell phone from a store and charges R $ 3,000 for ‘loss’

A man was arrested in flagrante delicto for the crime of embezzlement after trying to carry out a scam at a cell phone repair shop in a mall in Nova Iguaçu, in Baixada Fluminense (RJ). According to the Civil Police, he stole the establishment’s own cell phone and asked the owner of the store for an amount of R$ 3,000 as compensation for the disappearance of the phone. The arrest took place on Wednesday (7).

The man, who pretended to be a civil police officer, had left his cell phone for a repair at the store. Two days later, he returned and took advantage of a moment of distraction by the employees to get the device back.

When the store owner was unable to locate the cell phone again, the man began charging R$3,000 as compensation for the alleged loss. In audios obtained by “Bom Dia Rio”, from TV Globo, the suspect claims that what happened was a “fatality”.

“Regardless of my conditions that I become a police officer, son, look at this: these are things that happen. I make R$ 3 thousand, R$ 3 thousand does not make me. You can rest assured, carefree that I will never threaten you , I’ll be pressuring you or any kind of thing. That, unfortunately, is fatality. These are things that happen, we don’t ask them to happen”, he says.

Upon being triggered, the police found the man inside the store, signing a document. To the agents, the suspect identified himself as a driver for the Nova Iguaçu City Hall. When asked why he was receiving money, “he showed nervousness and couldn’t explain it,” the Civil Police said in a statement.

The City Hall of Nova Iguaçu informed the UOL that the man is a third-party driver for a company that provides services to the municipality. After the episode, the Municipality claims to have requested the replacement of the professional. The case was registered at the 39th DP (Pavuna)

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