Man who cleaned the pool sees a black stain in the water and ends up discovering what he didn’t want

A pool cleaner was working at a customer’s home when he came across an uncomfortable scene: a mysterious black stain crawling in the water.

recorded video, showing Dave Delucia with a huge sieve – removing dirt from the pool – went viral on TikTok, mainly because it was completed without showing what the stain was.

The case happened in Florida (USA) and there it is quite common to receive some visits from alligators in the houses. However, this time, the animal that wanted to take a fresh bath was another reptile. Look!

@lifestooshoort You never know what can be swimming in the pool when you live in #southflorida #whatsinthepool #igotit ♬ original sound – Tik Toker

With the huge response, Dave decided to post part two, finally revealing what was the huge black stain at the bottom of the pool. The truth is that it was a huge iguana, with extremely sharp teeth and claws.

The pool cleaner was able to safely remove the animal and ended up discovering that the iguana lives in the land next to the client’s house.

According to the professional, there are many fruit and exotic trees there. Soon, he assumed that the reptile would have fallen from one of them directly into the pool.

Watch the second part!

@lifestooshoort No iguanas were injured in this video. 😜 #iguana #southflorida #rescued #invasivespecies ♬ Jurassic Park Theme – Voidoid

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