Microsoft also offers Steam a long-term deal on Call of Duty

After promising 10 of the franchise to Sony and Nintendo

Microsoft has ensured that the Call of Duty franchise will stay on Sony consoles (which declined) and Nintendo for another 10 years. According to Valve co-founder Gabe Newell, Microsoft even offered a long-term deal to continue releasing Call of Duty titles on Steam.

Newell says he received a “draft” statement from Microsoft offering Steam a long-term deal with the Call of Duty franchise, but Valve’s CEO told Kotaku that this was not necessary and that the partnership between the two companies is not new.

“We are happy to see that Microsoft wants to continue using Steam to reach Call of Duty consumers when the Activision acquisition closes,” said Newell.

Partnership between Microsoft and Valve

“Microsoft has been on Steam for a long time and we take this as a sign that they are pleased with the player acceptance of this and the work we are doing. Our job is to continue to build valuable functionality for not only Microsoft, but but for all Steam customers and partners,” he adds.

For Gabe Newell, locking up a partner to release their games only on Steam is not an idea. Furthermore, he makes it clear that Microsoft has always honored its commitments to Valve:

“Microsoft offered us and even sent us a draft long-term commitment agreement for Call of Duty, but it wasn’t necessary for us because: a) we don’t believe in requiring any partner to have an agreement that obliges them to release games on the Steam in the distant future, b) Phil and the games team at Microsoft have always done what they told us they would, so we’re confident in their intentions, and c) we think Microsoft has all the motivation it needs to be on the platforms and devices where customers of Call of Duty want to be”.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, released in October, was the return of Activision Blizzard’s franchise on Steam. The last title in the series released on Valve’s platform had been Call of Duty WWII in 2017. The other releases were restricted to Battle Net on PC.

For now, for all these deals that Microsoft is enacting, the purchase of Activision Blizzard needs to be approved by various regulatory bodies around the world.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be free in December

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be free in December
Rumor suggests that the game will be free between December 15th and 19th


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