Microsoft announces INCREASE in the price of Xbox games!

Microsoft recently announced that games from Xbox Game Studios, i.e. the first-partywill suffer a price increase that will take them to the house of 70 dollars🇧🇷

It’s a move that looks a lot like something Sony did with PlayStation a few years ago.

The house of Redmond announced that the games first-party from Microsoft for Xbox Series X|S will have a price increase to 2023.

In this way, this represents that the company has chosen to adapt to the various choices made by many other publishers that have raised the value requested by the titles to the home of 70 dollars available on current generation consoles.

Of course, there is the Xbox Game Pass factor to consider, which differs from the Playstation, which does not release its games directly on its service. On Xbox, there is a choice to do it or not.

Microsoft, without a doubt, is not by far the first company in the video game market to increase the price of software. The companies Sony, Ubisoft and Take-Two also carried out this action.

Therefore, it is completely expected that, at some point, the company would start to do the same. After all, it is something natural.

And if several companies had done this, it is because, as it seems, due to the global economic crisis resulting from the war between Russia and Ukraine, among other factors, their costs inevitably ended up increasing.

Check out what Microsoft said about the increase it generated:

“This price is appropriate for the content, scale and technical complexity of the games”a Microsoft spokesperson told IGN. “However, all titles developed by our Xbox teams will also be available from day one on Game Pass.”

So, what did you think of this news about Microsoft’s increase in game prices? Share your opinion with us below, in the comments, and stay tuned for the next news here at Multiverso Notícias!

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