Nasi: Tite’s stubbornness could exact a high price from the Brazilian team at the World Cup

How hard it is to put up with technician stubbornness. Almost everyone has their own and often dies hugging them. All good! They are the ones who train and are on a daily basis, etc. But one thing is conviction, another is stubbornness. Or is it because the group is closed, because they are trusted players or family of I don’t know what… Oxi!

See the technician Uruguay… He needed the desperation of the last game to surrender to a lighter team with Arrascaeta🇧🇷 The ace of Flamengo for years he has been one of the best players playing in Brazil. If he were Brazilian, he would compete for a starting position in the selection🇧🇷 Perhaps with Arrascaeta from the first game, Uruguay would not have left the Cup🇧🇷 Ah, it’s going to be stupid like that at the door of the barracks! Stubbornness takes a toll, and it did from him.

And this polemic about the pigeon dance?! What a ridiculous thing for people to worry about in a World Cup where we see violence against women, due to diversity, where there is corruption, where, for example, a Brazilian journalist denounced harassment, in a host country full of scandals of the most diverse facets and violation of human rights.

Tite gives a press conference on the eve of the game with Croatia for the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar.
Tite gives a press conference on the eve of the game with Croatia for the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar. Photograph: Andre Penner/ AP

Doesn’t the commentator and former Irish player Roy Keane have more just cause to be bothered? Fabio Rabin say so. He went there to enjoy the World Cup and ended up being terrorized by the local police.

Alexi Lalas (former US player) agrees with me! “I’m sorry for the life you lead”, he declared after this unfortunate manifestation of the Irishman who played for many years in England.

Let’s now talk about the stubbornness of our dear coach Tite. Firstly, he is a very nice guy, very competent, winner of countless titles with clubs, a guy who is easy to root for, but he also has his stubbornness. Did he need to go with a 100% reserve team against Cameroon? He had four years to try out in the Qualifiers and in the friendly babas… Now, in the middle of the World Cup, it’s no place for a test.

Our possible world champion banner has already been stamped in Qatar. And I say more, we lost two players, one of them the one he insisted a lot on taking, which is Gabriel Jesus. May the boy recover quickly.

Another stubbornness: Bruno Guimarães cannot stay behind his favorite Fred. And Rodrygo also asks for passage in the face of Raphinha’s bad phase. The team has to play on the wing like it did against South Korea. Brazil went over it like a truck in a few minutes. That’s what we expect from Brazil, an offensive team, a team that plays openly in today’s football, since we have two great strikers: Richarlison and also Pedro.

My favorites for the semis: Brazil vs Argentina and Portugal vs France.

Well, Tite, I think you’ve already seen that Brazil has to play forward, right?! Forward, Brazil! Come to Croatia!

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