Olivia Wilde Still Involved in Spider-Woman

Actress and director Olivia Wilde remains involved in Sony Pictures’ Spider-Woman, as reported The Hollywood Reporter🇧🇷

The information comes after the various controversies involving the most recent film by wilde, ‘Do not worry, dear’. The film was the debut of wilde as a director, and caused great controversy, involving accusations of infidelity, lack of professionalism on the film set, disagreements between actors, among other problems. A real mess.

With the repercussions of the situation, many wondered if this would affect future work by Olivia Wildein particular the film Spider Womanwhich she is currently working on.

As found the THRHowever, despite all the controversies, wilde remains at the forefront of the supposed film by Spider Woman🇧🇷

O THR specifically noted that 🇧🇷[Olivia Wilde] is still confirmed to direct a Marvel movie for Sony.”

Read more about Spider-Woman:

Spider-Woman’s plot is set to follow Jessica Drew becoming increasingly ill over time as a direct result of her father’s uranium-based scientific experiments.

Created by Archie Goodwin🇧🇷 Sal Buscema🇧🇷 Jim Mooney and Marie SeverinJessica Drew made her first appearance in Marvel comics in 1977, through “Marvel Spotlight #32”.

From long exposure to uranium, Jessica became sick. Her father then injected her with a serum made from the glands of several spiders in an attempt to cure her. He put her in a genetic accelerator to speed up the process, but still, the rate of healing was slow, causing her to spend decades in the chamber with a slowed aging process.

When she was finally cured, she was no longer an ordinary human: She had powers similar to Spider-Man, but with pheromones that can control the feelings of those around her. Jessica also ages slowly and possesses super hearing, a healing factor, the ability to glide, and bioelectricity.

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