Percy Jackson | Alexandra Daddario celebrates Disney+ adaptation

Actress Alexandra Daddario, the Annabeth Chase of Percy Jackson films, revealed in a recent interview all his support for the new adaptation being produced by Disney+.

In an interview with🇧🇷 Daddario revealed that working on the franchise Percy Jackson was a very important moment in his career, and he is certain that the role of Annabeth will also be remarkable for actress Leah Sava Jeffries, who will give life to the character in the series of disney+🇧🇷

check out what Alexandra Daddario stated about Percy Jackson below:

“It is wonderful. That movie was great for my career. It was great for my life.” said Daddario. “It was a wonderful role to play and I’m so excited that she gets to play it. The Percy Jackson books are so beloved. I was just a small part of it.”

Read more about Percy Jackson and the Olympians:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians tells the fantastical story of a 12-year-old modern-day demigod, Percy, who is very close to coming to terms with his new godlike powers until Zeus accuses him of stealing his master bolt. With the help of his friends Grover and Annabeth, he must embark on the adventure of a lifetime to find him and restore order to Olympus.

The trio of protagonists of the series is formed by Walker Scobell (The Adam Project) as Percy, Leah Jeffries (The Beast) as Annabeth Chase, and Aryan Simhadri like Grover.

In addition to them, we will also see in the main cast:

  • Virginia Kull as Sally Jackson, Percy’s mother
  • Glynn Turman as Chiron, centaur and activities director at Camp Half-Blood
  • Jason Mantzoukas like Dionisio/Mr. D, head of Camp Half-Blood
  • Megan Mullally as Alecto, a math teacher also known as Mrs. dodds
  • Timm Sharp as Gabe Ugliano, Percy’s selfish and lazy stepfather
  • Adam Copeland as Ares, the God of War
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hermes, the God of Messengers
  • Jessica Parker Kennedy like Medusa
  • Suzanne Cryer as Echidna, the Mother of All Monsters

The premiere season will adapt the events of the original book, The Lightning Thiefand the plan is for this to continue for years to come.

That is, if the program continues, the next four seasons will adapt The sea of ​​Monsters🇧🇷 The Titan’s Curse🇧🇷 The Battle of the Labyrinth and The last Olympianrespectively.

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