Prince Harry reveals the biggest regret of his life – Jornal do Oeste

Prince Harry said he deeply regrets wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party in 2005. .

Showing behind the scenes of the royal couple’s life, the series brought Princess Diana’s son, who was 20 at the time, to talk about the episode, in which he called one of “the biggest mistakes” of his life and that he “felt if very embarrassed afterwards”. He’s talking about a party in London that had over 250 guests, and he was dressed like a Nazi soldier with a red armband emblazoned with a big swastika.

“All I wanted to do was fix it”, he lamented, and then said that the situation was resolved with a lot of education and awareness.

“In this family, sometimes you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. There is a large level of unconscious bias. In fact, it’s nobody’s fault. But once it has been pointed out or identified within you, you have to correct it. It is a constant work in progress for everyone, including myself,” she said.

Harry said that in the aftermath of the affair, “I could have just ignored it and probably made the same mistakes over and over again”, however, he used the episode to “learn from” the experience. “I spoke with the chief rabbi of London, which had a profound impact on me. I went to Berlin and talked to a Holocaust survivor,” he revealed.

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