Renato Rodrigues criticizes setting up Corinthians squad and suggests the team’s position in the market

Throughout the season, the black and white squad was heavily criticized for the poor physical performance of the athletes. According to Renato Rodrigues, a former Corinthians analyst and currently a commentator for ESPNthis is due to the advanced age of the cast and the board is the main culprit for this problem and cites Palmeiras as an example.

“The first point, I don’t think it justifies what the VP did. It’s a joke, a giant joke, and it would be if it were with Flamengo, Palmeiras or any other team. This type of attitude does not fit. However, the criticisms he made of the cast are very correct🇧🇷 High-level football today is about game intensity, resistance, the game is very physical, like in the World Cup, for example. Look at Palmeiras, the age group of the main pillars. They are between 25 and 30, the athlete’s physical apex, these guys deliver a much higher game rotation, press and return”, points out the commentator of ESPN in an exclusive interview with my helmin the Meu Timão newsroom, on Youtube.

Due to this low physical performance, in addition to the players, a figure that was highly criticized was Flávio de Oliveira, a physical trainer at the time when Sylvinho led the team and who has now returned to Parque São Jorge to help Fernando Lázaro.

The low performance began to be overcome in March when Vítor Pereira took over the technical command of the team. Even when he arrived at Timão, the training carried out by the Lusitanian caused disagreements between the athletes and the new commission.

For Renato, in addition to the change of coach, the arrivals of Yuri Alberto and Fausto Vera were very important for this change, as they are at an age that they are not developing or in physical decline.

“When I look at the cast, my criticism goes to the board (…) Corinthians starts to survive in the season when it gains energy and intensity. For me, until the arrival of Yuri and Fausto, is a cast with references in physical decline and, on the other hand, young people in transition. It stays in that void,” said Renato Rodrigues.

At this moment, Fernando Lázaro is preparing the squad for the 2023 season. Meanwhile, Corinthians is moving behind the scenes to strengthen the team. According to the investigation of my helm, Romero is close to wearing the alvinegra shirt. In addition to him, Matheus Bidu is also a target.

For the former analyst, Team do Povo should focus on players who are of average age, in order to balance the squad with younger and older athletes. It is, for example, this type of athlete that Palmeiras has been betting on, having him as an example to be followed.

🇧🇷The Corinthians market has to be middle-aged players. But they are the most expensive ones, which the clubs compete the most to have. Palmeiras is betting on players at the end of transition and finishing polishing, like Rony, Veiga, Zé Rafael. If Corinthians were to get a ‘Du Queiroz’, it would be expensive. It’s a big dilemma, Fernando will have to stay in the middlebalance”, explains Renato Rodrigues.

Currently on vacation, Corinthians will reappear at CT Joaquim Grava next Wednesday and begin preparations for the 2023 season. So far, it has not been revealed which players should actually join Fernando Lázaro’s team and which ones should leave Parque São George.

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