Report shows the most used passwords in Brazil; see what they are

Survey was carried out in 30 countries, including four countries in Latin America

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NordPass disclosed that the password most used by Brazilians is “123456” and even “Brasil”

The NordPass password management service disclosed that the password most used by Brazilians is “123456” and even “Brasil”, being a full dish for hackers, criminals and other digital scammers. The survey has also been carried out in 30 other countries. In Latin America, for example, surveys were also carried out Chile🇧🇷 Colombia and Mexico🇧🇷 The numerical combination, in the country, has been registered by NordPass for years. Even so, Brazilians continue to use it. With this, in a matter of seconds hackers manage to invade user accounts. According to the survey, these types of passwords are used on social networks, emails, among other sites and platforms. “That makes them easy to predict. Especially in automated brute-force attacks, where cybercriminals use software to test multiple combinations of email addresses and passwords in seconds,” warns Camilo Gutiérrez Amaya, Head of Research Lab at ESET. In addition to numerical combination, the study also points out that Brazilians use passwords with their own names, such as “lucas” or “felipe”.

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