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Doha, Qatar

After the unusual meeting with his biggest idol in football, which made him promise on air that he would cut ‘Cascão’ hair, in return forced him to do the “Dance of the Pigeons”, Richalison and Ronaldo Fenômeno had a quick chat. Off camera.

And the former best in the world clearly told the Tite striker that Qatar’s World Cup artillery has ‘everything’ to be his. For the power of definition, speed, technique and personality with which he faces opponents.

In short, Mbappé can be passed.

Richarlison was even more excited.

And he started training focused on taking advantage of the shots even more, running with more vibrancy, conviction. Certain that he will ask for even more balls for Neymar, Lucas Paquetá, Raphinha and Vinicius Junior to finish.

“I feel confident. I have the best teammates that an attacker can have. They give me options, whether in the back, through balls or crosses. These options are what baffle the opposing defences.

“I came to the World Cup to help my national team. And also to be top scorer. That is very clear to me”, assumes Richarlison.

In other words, the war with the famous Mbappé, with five goals, is declared.

The capixaba from Nova Venécia even opens his eyes with excitement when he talks about his moment of excitement in the Selection.

“I’ve never played in such an offensive team and with so much tactical variation up front. I feel like I’ll have chances and I’ll try to score many more goals than the three I scored. I’m really going through a confident phase. But it doesn’t come from nowhere. And yes from my team, from my coach.”

Richarlison knows very well how much Fred and Gabriel Jesus were massacred in the last World Cups. The number 9 shirt seemed cursed. The former Fluminense striker scored a goal in Brazil. And Gabriel Jesus, zeroed, from Russia.

“It doesn’t matter what the player does for the team. But if the number 9 doesn’t score, his work looks like it was a failure. There is a bit of that, yes. I try to do my tactical mission first. Then I think about the goals, which It’s my main job.”

Richarlison insists on integrating social causes. 10% of her salary at Tottenham goes to an institute that treats people with cancer.

The Instituto Padre Roberto Lettieri, at the Hospital do Amor in Barretos.

‘A lot of people don’t know. In Brazil I have a house in Barretos where there is a cancer hospital. There’s a house there to help people who don’t have the money to stay there. So there they have free food, they have everything for free. 10% of my salary goes there to help these people”, reveals the player.

He decided to ‘adopt’ a jaguar to publicize the Onçafari Institute, in the Pantanal, which takes care of the preservation of these animals.

He does not refuse to discuss any subject involving social or political ausas.

But at the World Cup he has preserved himself, stayed focused.

“The tournament goes by very quickly. The focus has to be here. Then there’s a lot to do for the world. But now it’s the main football competition on the planet. And I have a very special mission to fulfill for my country.

“The best way to help is to give everything to try to be world champion. And top scorer. That’s all I’m going to think about until the end of the World Cup. Because Brazil will get there. And I’ll get where I want too” , promises, excited.

Really wanting to cut Cascão’s hair to fulfill the promise made to his biggest idol, Ronaldo. In 2002, Phenomenon scored eight goals.

“I don’t know the number, but I’m going to give everything to be top scorer in this Cup, oh, I’m going to give it. You can count”, he says, assuming the mission of passing Mbappé.

For 20 years, Brazil has not had the top scorer of the Cup.

And it was precisely Richarlison’s idol, Ronaldo…

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