Riot Games sues Chinese NetEase over copying Valorant

Game has characters, graphics and structure similar to the Riot Games title

Riot Game has filed a lawsuit against NetEase where it accuses the studio of creating a copy of Valorant. The company responsible for the development of League of Legends and many other games, claims that Hyper Front is “a copy of substantial parts of Valorant”. In addition to the format, part of the character design, maps and weapons resemble Riot’s FPS.

The case was taken to the High Court of England and Wales. However, the Polygon portal claims that Riot Games also filed complaints in Germany, Brazil and Singapore. Launched in August of this year, the game is available in cell phone stores with Android and iOS operating systems. Currently, the game has more than 1 million installations on mobile phones with the Google system.

As with Valorant, Hyper Front is a five-player versus five-player first-person shooter. The characters present in the title have abilities that they can use during the confrontation, as well as the weapons themselves that are available for purchase. For those who are used to the Riot Games game, the resemblance is undeniable.

“All of our creative choices are reflected in the NetEase game. We don’t think changing the color of a character’s ability or slightly modifying the visual appearance changes the fact that it’s copyright infringement. It’s like that old saying, ‘You You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig,'” said Dan Nabel, an attorney for Riot Games.

Similar name even for the project

Riot Games stated at the opening of the process that the development of Hyper Front by NetEase took place after the disclosure of the development of Valorant, at the time dubbed Project A. Not satisfied with using elements of the successful game, the studio would also have used a similar nomenclature, calling it Project M.

In the comments of Hyper Front on Google, users reported that the game is interesting and has many qualities, but highlighted the similarity with Valorant. Although the process is ongoing, the game is available for download and can be tested by players according to the region where they are trying to download the application.

Job vacancy suggests Valorant may win console version

Job vacancy suggests Valorant may win console version
Riot Games opened two vacancies intended for professionals working as game designers


Adrenaline Offering Group

Source: Polygon

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