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The weekend has arrived and the Life&Art prepared a list of some releases from the main streaming platforms to watch in the coming days. With “Wandinha” and “A Mulher Rei”, check out options!


The movie “Pinocchio” is released in the Netflix catalogue. In this incredible stop-motion musical animation, Oscar-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro reinvents the classic tale of the wooden puppet come to life.

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Prime Video

The movie “A Gift from Tiffany” is available on Prime Video. In the feature, the couple Rachel (Zoey Deutch) and Gary (Ray Nicholson) is not yet ready for the engagement. Ethan (Kendrick Smith Sampson) and Vanessa (Shay Mitchell) are looking forward to getting married. However, the engagement ring bought by Ethan is exchanged for a pair of earrings bought by Gary, which causes their paths to cross. Now, a series of unexpected changes and discoveries are about to happen in the couples’ lives.

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The animation “Night at the Museum – The Return of Kahmunrah”, follows the trilogy “Night at the Museum”, live-action starring Ben Stiller. In animation, Nick Dale follows in his father’s footsteps and works the night shift at the museum during the summer. On the one hand, he is happy to be reunited with his friends, who come back to life after the sun goes down thanks to a mystical artifact stored there. But on the other hand, when Kahmunrah also returns, Dale will have to do everything to prevent the villain from achieving his goals.

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Check out all releases:


  • Pinocchio
  • God’s Crooked Lines
  • From Decoration to Makeover – Season 4
  • How to End Christmas

Prime Video

  • Something From Tiffany’s
  • Kings Magi vs. Santa Claus
  • Yellowstone – 5th season


  • Doom Patrol – Season 4
  • House of Ho – season 2
  • The Case of Lindy Chamberlain – Season 1
  • Sicarios: Crime Syndicate – Season 1
  • Snapped: Interrupted Lives – Season 1
  • Take Out – Season 1
  • The Nanny – Season 1
  • Like That – season 2
  • Wipeout – season 1
  • Young Sheldon – Season 6 – Episode 8
  • captains of america
  • Greg News with Gregorio Duvivier
  • Flordelis: In the Name of the Mother
  • Behind the Veil: Surviving the Light of the World Church
  • Branson: Adventures of a Billionaire
  • Hard Knocks: American Football Season – The Arizona Cardinals
  • Lizzo: Live in Concert
  • Shaq


  • Night at the Museum: The Return of Kahmunrah
  • Only Love and a Thousand Songs


  • Deliver us from evil
  • The Curse of the Beautiful
  • A Sweeter Christmas
  • Departure: Escape in Seoul
  • I Can Only Imagine
  • Christmas Under the Stars
  • Asura: The City of Madness
  • A Crowned Christmas
  • Just in Time for Christmas
  • Miss Zombie
  • Tsunami: Ocean’s Wrath
  • Fear
  • The First Love

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