Step by step to get up to R$ 1,500 in Nubank

Nubank is promoting a promotion that is thrilling Brazilian consumers. Fintech offers cashback of up to BRL 1,500 in partnership with a commercial platform with the Chinese marketplace Shopee, the shopping darling.

Basically, every purchase made with a credit card from the roxinho digital bank at Shopee has a certain percentage of return. In this case, the consumer can use the balance at his discretion. Read the article below and find out more about it.

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Refund up to 1.5k

To start cashback on Shopee purchases, you need a digital account and a Nubank card. In addition, those interested must activate the promotion in the Acquire tab of the fintech app. According to the digital bank, the amounts will be transferred to the customer’s account within 90 days of purchase. Users can earn up to BRL 1,500 per month if they make purchases at intervals of 1 hour.

It is worth remembering that the cashback percentage varies according to the offers available at Nubank Mall, in addition to being considered the gross value of the product for sale. The refund does not include the shipping cost incurred by the product.

How to collect cashback

Find out how to get cash back on your Shopee purchases below:

Access the Nubank application; Click on the “Purchases” tab; Select Shopee Deals; Understand all the information displayed on the screen; Then click on “Activate cashback and go to the store; Ready! Refund has been activated.

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Nubank’s new product

Nubank was created to do away with the complexity of traditional banking and put control of your financial life back in everyone’s hands. In August, Nubank announced plans to offer payroll loans to its customers.

In view of this, in a meeting with experts from BTG and Goldman Sachs, fintech said it had already made the necessary agreements with federal agencies. The goal is to launch the new service in the first half of next year, with the Digital Payroll bank in the testing phase. Consequently, the intention is to spend $650 million on product innovation. See how it should work.

First of all, the new line is intended for INSS (National Social Security Institute) retirees and pensioners and civil servants. This is the company’s new strategy to expand its banking services. Thus, not differently, the personal loan will allow automatic payroll deduction, specifically from the INSS. Also, the company will offer the lowest rates.

Namely: recalling that, as it works as a personal INSS credit, those who adhere to the modality will receive amounts lower than normal. However, the loan is important for anyone who wants to be financially independent. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that Nubank intends to launch new products such as the FGTS and the possibility of obtaining loans through investments.

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