the best performances in series of 2022

Entertainment Weekly lists the best series performances of 2022. There’s Jenna Ortega, star of Stranger Things, Euphoria and more!

The series are better than ever! InThis Is Us The Wandinha The The Boysthe actors who star on the small screen have risen to a new level and are delivering great performances that are talked about all year round – worthy of being seen in theaters as well.

THE Entertainment Weekly celebrates the best performances of 2022. HFTV brings together 10 big names that the magazine listed as highlights this year. Check out!

Jenna Ortega, Wandinha

Netflix’s new Addams family series got it right when it cast Jenna Ortega as the iconic character Wandinha Addams. The actress was able to deliver all the things viewers have come to expect from the character—her flat, sharp responses, her unreadable expressions—while also bringing a fresh, new spirit to her older self. She’s a teenager who cares about her friends (and even kisses a boy)!

Joseph QuinnStranger Things

If 1986 was the year of Eddie Munson, then 2022 belongs to the man behind the metalhead’s magical mane: Joseph Quinn. Entering a well-established series into its fourth season is no easy feat, but Eddie passes the test with flying colors and, like all great musicians, leaves fans desperately wanting more.

Antony Starr, The Boys

After two seasons of hiding his twisted true self from the public eye, Antony Starr’s psychopath finally relinquishes the role of Super Friend in season three of The Boys. Starr does her best work on the show yet, revealing flashes of vulnerability and oceans of self-loathing.

Sidney Sweeney, Euphoria

Cassie Howard entered her villainous era on Euphoria this season, and Sydney Sweeney deserves every award for bringing out all the complex aspects of the character. NoSweeney’s hands, Cassie’s unfolding was positively painful to watch.

Meghann FahyThe White Lotus

Meghann Fahy was the best part of The Bold Type, but now she’s finally got her chance to shine like the true star that she is in The White Lotus. As each layer peels away, revealing the darkest secrets and vengeful shenanigans Daphne has been hiding from her husband and the world, Fahy lets the mask of her happy facade slip beautifully.

Simone AshleyBridgerton

Netflix fans knew her from Sex Education, but her Bridgerton work showcased a different side to her acting chops. Everyone thought that Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon Basset (Regé-Jean Page) would be her favorite Bridgerton couple, but that was before we were deliciously treated to Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and his burgeoning nemesis, Kate Sharma (Ashley).

Mandy Moore, This Is Us

Over the course of six seasons of This Is Us, Mandy Moore delivered some of the most nuanced and complex dramatic work on television this decade. It’s impossible to overstate how amazing it was to see her play a woman in her early 20s into old age. But we were especially impressed with its final stretch.

Amanda SeyfriedThe Dropout

Amanda Seyfried’s outstanding performance as Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has already earned her an Emmy Award. As Theranos’ medical conspiracy spiraled out of control, his steely gaze hid barely contained panic as an unwillingness to face failure led to his inevitable downfall.

Elle Fanning, The Girl From Plainville

Inspired by the true story of Michelle Carter’s unprecedented “suicide by text message” case, The Girl From Plainville could go down as one of Elle Fanning’s most moving performances.

Andrew Garfield, In the Name of Heaven

Watching the series, you can’t help but feel for Garfield’s character and the challenges he faced, especially around his faith. Garfield even secured an Emmy nomination for his role in the series.



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