The best series ever

The best series ever

As readers of the column are well aware, in addition to being a movie buff, I am a voracious consumer of series. I’m capable of anything to watch something that seems to be interesting, I subscribe to several streams permanent, I rotate others and so on. But, until today I had never been able to watch The Wire (A Escuta), considered by many critics as the “best series of all time”. I ran after it for twenty years and finally I did it! I won’t even tell you how difficult it was to access HBO Max, where the series is available, because of my outdated television. [alô, Anderson, do HelpHBOMax, obrigada e desculpe o mau jeito durante nossa conversa de 1h30 minutos ]🇧🇷

The Wire was created by former Baltimore Sun investigative reporter David Simon, based on the violence and drug epidemic he had covered on the streets of the city. I saw the first season and what I can say for now is that it has a lot of merit, but maybe it has aged a little. When we see some situations shown there, it gives a feeling of déjà vu🇧🇷 It’s not even her fault, but all the other police series that came in her wake over two decades.

In any case, the production was very daring in approaching subjects such as homoaffective relationships, which are quite common in screenplays today, but not twenty years ago. The narrative and the sudden camera movements, even when there is no action, give agility and, sometimes, place the spectator inside the scene. The Wire about other successful series that came much later, such as breaking bad 🇧🇷

The plot starts with the white police officer, of Irish origin, Jimmy McNulty, played by Dominic Chase – who we saw a little while ago playing Prince Charles in The Crown —obsessed with arresting the drug kingpin plaguing Baltimore. McNulty’s personal life is in chaos, he drinks too much, fights with his ex-wife, talks too much and ends up in trouble with his boss, but he is an honest cop. He ends up transferred to a division called Violent Crimes, along with two aggressive police officers and other veterans who were in the fridge. His partner, the police officer Shakima Greggs, is the most similar to him, in her obsession with arresting the drug dealer, who nobody knows for sure who he is and where he is. Command of the group is the impassive lieutenant, Cedric Daniels, who faces the lack of interest of his superiors in the operation. They are stuck in a basement, with no infrastructure, but end up getting something they really wanted: a listening system to listen to the gang’s phone calls. The technology of twenty years ago seems a bit outdated today, but we watch it like a period movie.

The dialogues are great, something increasingly rare, and the cast is one of those that we spend all the time saying: oh, look at the guy; look at the beltrano from the so-and-so series… there are so many faces that became known from The Wire🇧🇷

Well those are just my first impressions. There are still four of the five seasons left for me to watch. All I can say so far is that, yes, The Wire it’s a great police drama, but The Sopranos it still ranks number one on my personal list as the greatest series of all time.

Note: The Sopranos it is also available on HBO and HBOMax.


Other finds on HBO Max

As it is a “new toy”, I’m digging through the HBO Max collection to compare and see if it pays to continue subscribing to HBO Max’s “sister”. If you’re on the fence about Max, here are some findings to help you decide.

Tokio Vice – Season 1 – 8 episodes – 2022


I only saw the first episode and found it very interesting. The story accompanies young Jake Adelstein, an American journalist who moves to Tokyo with the dream of joining the team of one of the largest newspapers in the world, the Yomiuri Shinbun🇧🇷 For that, he needs to go through the barrier of language and local customs. Jake ends up on the police desk, with assignments deemed unimportant. When he approaches the Japanese detective Hiroto Katagiri, specialized in fighting organized crime, the reporter begins to investigate the universe of the Yakuza, the violent Japanese mafia. The main names of the cast are in the photo: Ansel Elgort (Blame it on the stars) and Ken Watanabe (The last Samurai🇧🇷

The second season has just started filming.

Don’t Worry, Darling – Directed by: Olivia Wilde – 2022


The film that marks the directorial debut of actress Olivia Wilde is available to subscribers on HBOMax (Now, from Claro Vídeo, it is for rent at R$39.90). She directs her then-husband Harry Styles, a British singer-songwriter beloved by young audiences. Styles is a young executive who moves with his wife to a planned community, where everything seems perfect. His wife, played by Florence Pugh – who I praised a lot here when I commented The miracle (Netflix) – begins to suspect that there is something dark behind this perfection. I haven’t checked it out yet, but the plot reminded me a bit Perfect womenwith Nicole Kidman, from 2009. The film arrived surrounded by behind-the-scenes gossip, with the right to scandal from Olivia’s ex-husband, actor Jason Seidikis, on the set, but it was quite successful in its debut in American cinemas.

For those who enjoy the True Crimes genre

Brutal Pact – The Murder of Daniella Perez – Episodes – 2022


This documentary miniseries garnered one of HBO’s highest ratings in a premiere. The older ones remember the murder of Daniella Perez, in 1992, at the age of 22. She was an actress in one of TV Globo’s primetime soap operas, written by her mother, Gloria Perez. What was already enough to cause a furore in the country, grew when the police named the victim’s co-star, actor Guilherme de Pádua and his wife as the perpetrators of the brutal crime. The documentary has positive points, such as the novelist’s dramatic narration that gives us the exact measure of the pain of the loss of young Daniella and her struggle to clean up the young woman’s reputation in the face of media speculation. There are moving testimonials from other actors and family members. I think the script fails when it wastes time telling the professional trajectory of Gloria Perez and leaves gaps on who Guilherme and his wife Paula Tomaz really are, as the audience is still trying to understand the minds of the two young people capable of such brutality. The former actor died recently. He had left prison and become an evangelical pastor.



Some news:

Lady Chatterley’s Lover – Director: Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre – 2022


Yet another adaptation of DHLawrence’s novel that scandalized puritanical English society in 1928. The book was secretly printed in Florence, Italy, and was only released in the UK in 1960. The story of the aristocrat who has an ardent affair with the game warden of her rural property, after her husband became impotent during the 1st World War, has already won several screen versions. This brings as protagonist the actress Emma Corrin, known for playing another lady in The Crown, Diana. Due to the hot scenes, the production received an indication for people over 18 years old.

The Swimmers – Directed by: Sally Al-Osaini – 2022


Based on a true story, the film follows the trajectory of two Syrian sisters, Yusra and Sara, forced to leave their homeland and take refuge in Europe. They have a dream: to swim in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. I’m not a big fan of overcoming plots because they often slip into the corny, but stories about people trying to rebuild their lives in another country are always important. The true and inspiring Yusra Mardini appears in the film.

Robert Downey Senior – Director: Robert Downey Jr. – 2022

Actor Robert Downey Jr., who has played great characters such as Charles Chaplin, and today is hugely successful in the “skin” of Iron Man, pays tribute to his late father, the producer, director, writer and actor, from whom he inherited the name. He does not fail to mention, however, the troubled side of his relationship with the patriarch who offered him a joint when he was just six years old. downey jr. had serious drug problems, even resulting in lifelong imprisonment. Today, living more serenely, he decided to portray his father, who died last year.





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