The Game Awards 2022: see the date, how to watch and what to expect

O The Game Awards is one of the most traditional events in the gaming world. Organized and presented by journalist Geoff Keighley, the event takes place in person at the Microsoft Theater, in Los Angeles, on Thursday night (8) and is, above all, a great celebration of video games.

In addition to awarding the best games of the year in more than thirty categories, historically the ceremony has also played host to bombastic announcements, including a few surprises. For these reasons, it is also considered the “Oscar” of video games. It is worth remembering that the voxel is part of the official jury and helps define the nominees and their respective winners.

For you to stay on top of everything about The Game Awards 2022, check out, in the lines below, our guide with date, time, confirmed games, speculations and everything you need to know to enjoy the ceremony live!

When is The Game Awards 2022?

O The Game Awards 2022 takes place this Thursday, December 8th, starting at 9:30 pm Brasília time. The forecast is that there will be a thirty-minute pre-show, so the ceremony itself must start only at 10 pm – also in Brasilia time.

It will be possible to watch it live on different platforms, including the official channels on twitch and YouTube🇧🇷 The event is also open to sign up for some of your favorite content creators to officially rebroadcast. Here in the voxelthere will also be a full live coverage on our YouTube channel🇧🇷

confirmed games

Some developers and publishers have already confirmed the presence of some of their upcoming releases at The Game Awards. among them is Star Wars Jedi: Survivorsequel to Cal Kestis’ adventure that ended up having its release date leaked on Steam.

Still in the field of Electronic Arts, Dead Space Remake, which is confirmed for January 27, was also confirmed to be present and should receive a new gameplay preview. Finally, Wild Heartsa hunting game developed by Omega Force, will also receive a trailer to introduce one of its new creatures.

Crash Bandicoot also promises news on stage at the event, as Activision and developer Toys for Bob, from Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Timesent kits to influencers, still in October, which pointed to the date of the event. “Hungry for more? Then try our new Wumpa Pizza for $12.08”said the material alluding to the TGA.

Fighting game enthusiasts have reason to celebrate, as the newly revealed Tekken 8 is also among the attractions of The Game Awards. So far, the game only follows Jin and Kazuya as confirmed fighters, but the trend is for their pace of revelations to increase as Bandai Namco targets a launch in the next fiscal year – between April 2023 and March 2024.

Publisher 505 Games also published a teaser that invites players to visit Rockay City, which owes the setting for one of its upcoming releases and whose details remain a mystery. Finally, names like Among Us🇧🇷 Baldur’s Gate 3🇧🇷 Blue Protocol🇧🇷 Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 and nightingale will also be highlighted in the broadcast this Thursday, 8.


Final Fantasy XVI is one of the most anticipated games of 2023 and could receive news during The Game Awards. Producer Naoki Yoshida is one of the confirmed presences at the event and had already stated, on other occasions, that he would reveal the release date by the end of the year. There are also rumors that pre-orders should start as early as this week.

Still in speculation, diablo 4 has been posting very suggestive videos on social media, accompanied by the hashtag #LilithIsComing. Behind-the-scenes information gathered by Insider Gaming, by Tom Henderson, shows that previews of the game will be published later this week. That might make an appearance at The Game Awards more likely — especially with a possible release date.

In addition, Capcom recently posted on social media that it “is excited” for the ceremony and recommended that everyone follow along. While he didn’t say anything more specific, the message was enough to suggest that there will be some announcement from the company. One of the safest bets is the appearance of street fighter 6which also remains without a release date.

Finally, Hideo Kojima can also show faces with his new project during The Game Awards🇧🇷 The legendary game designer shared a new teaser on his Twitter on the eve of the event, this time with three silhouettes and the words “‘who’, ‘where’, ‘how’ and now ‘why'”🇧🇷 Suspicions also grew because the post was shared by Geoff Keighley himself, and both already have a history of working together on revelations🇧🇷

Supposedly, Hideo Kojima works on two projects. Rumors suggest that one of them is a horror game called overdosewhile the second would be a sequence of Death Stranding🇧🇷 There is nothing concrete at the moment, so the way is to wait and follow the live broadcast to find out what it is about.

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