The risks of dental contact lenses, fashion among celebrities and soccer players

  • Bruna Alves
  • From São Paulo to BBC News Brasil

white and straight teeth

Credit, Peter Cade/Getty Images

Success among celebrities and football players, dental contact lenses have become a hope for anyone who wants to have a white and even smile quickly — but not without cost.

In addition to having a high price, the technique is not suitable for everyone and can pose risks if performed by poorly qualified professionals.

“The lenses are indicated for corrections of defective anatomy of the teeth, such as conoid teeth (cone-shaped), very common in the upper lateral incisors; barrel-shaped teeth and micro-teeth, which give a childish and disproportionate appearance to the adult”, he explains dentist Cláudio Ximenes, specialist in dental prosthesis, implantology and aesthetics.

According to Ximenes, they are also welcome for patients with darker teeth, whose bleaching and other techniques have not achieved the desired effect.

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