these 4 apps drain your phone quickly

The use of applications on smartphones has become more and more, because currently there is one for everything. Some of them are essential. It’s no wonder that some users are switching from computers to cell phones for many things. These features make people’s lives easier, of course, but they put a lot of demands on the phone.

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Some can force the battery of the device more than usual, reducing its operating time. lifespan and leaving the cell phone quickly without charge. In order to alert consumers about this and also to help manage the device’s battery, we will list the tools that most affect the life of your phone.

Apps that decrease battery life

It is necessary to understand that each device has a unique useful life and that it can be changed according to the use of the individual, as well as the care that each one will have with it. A universal fact is that some apps can interfere with the time you have with your smartphone still operating like new.

The use of these tools may imply the slightest durability of the battery, as they demand more effort thanks to the services that are offered by them. Can you imagine which are the four applications that most demand from cell phone battery? Let’s not be a mystery. Take a look and understand: Netflix, Google Maps, Spotify and Facebook.


One of the most popular streaming platforms used by Brazilians. Your app is also one of those responsible for the high battery and memory consumption of today’s phones. Therefore, consumption is even greater in cases where the user decides to download movies and series on the platform.

Google Maps

The tracking and maps service stands out due to the need to use GPS. In this way, when accessing the user’s active location, the application monopolizes the battery to monitor movement. Another factor that greatly increases the consumption battery life is when the same tool is used with mobile data.


This is also one of the biggest platforms in the world. The application offers songs to its users who can even download them. When used with a data package, be it 4G or even the new 5G, the tool will consume a lot of battery to load the desired songs.


One of the main social networks needs to use several device resources simultaneously in order to function properly. This uses the functions of interaction, typing, visual and sound functions, in addition to others such as location and playback of videos, which only significantly increases the consumption of the load.

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