Tom Felton details mental health issues in book, thanks Emma Watson for encouraging ‘telling the whole story’

British actor Tom Felton, famous since he was a teenager for his role as Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” films, details the problems he faced with mental health, as well as his period in rehabilitation, in his memoir “Beyond the wand : the magic and mayhem of growing up a wizard”, to be released this Thursday by Ebury Spotlight.

Tom Felton holds his memoir, “Beyond the wand: the magic and mayhem of growing up a wizard” Photo: Instagram / Playback

In an interview with The Independent portal, Felton revealed that he had the encouragement of his colleague from the franchise Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger, not to spare readers from difficult times.

“I was encouraged by a few people, Emma Watson specifically, to tell the whole story and not just pick the cute parts,” the actor said. “Not just because it was cathartic for me. But also in hopes that sharing these parts of my story will help others who might not be having the best of times.

According to the British news portal, Felton’s book consists mostly of “affable notes” about his time shooting “Harry Potter”, including his relationship with the cast and his “off-screen teenage transgressions”. Still remembered are the obstacles when performing tests in Hollywood as a young adult and the end of the relationship with stunt assistant Jade Olivia Gordon.

“I think one of the joys of creating art — music, film, TV, literature, whatever — is the journey. What someone else gets out of it really isn’t up to me,” Felton said. “I can sleep well, knowing it’s all true.

Tom Felton visits film studio
Tom Felton visits the “Harry Potter” filming studio in 2022 Photo: Instagram / Playback

Towards the end of the book, he touches on the issue of mental health and some short passages on rehabilitation.

“The reality of my experience was that I had a group of people around me who knew me well enough to know that I wasn’t happy. That I wasn’t being the Tom they knew. I wasn’t thinking clearly. And it has less to do with what I was doing, and more a case of them realizing I needed help. I think a lot of people when they’re in the muddy waters don’t recognize how muddy it is,” he said.

Tom Felton, Draco Malfoy in 'Harry Potter', with Slytherin props
Tom Felton, Draco Malfoy in ‘Harry Potter’, with Slytherin props Photo: Instagram / Reproduction

Asked if he’d be willing to pick up the role again for a sequel, Felton didn’t rule out the idea.

“I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t consider it,” he declared. “I definitely don’t miss Draco Malfoy, but I’m very fond of him.

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