Value of the controversial ‘Golden Steak’ falls on the web and SHOCKS; would you pay?

Former soccer player Ronaldo Fenômeno starred in a controversial episode on the internet recently. Alongside players from the current Brazilian national team, the former Brazilian star made a video eating the famous “golden steak” at a famous steakhouse in Doha, Qatar. The Nusr-Et restaurant serves a variety of meats and exclusive preparations, aimed only at an audience with high financial power.

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The controversy was due to the price of that golden steak and the inequality that exists around the world. While some people starve, others appear in videos on social media eating a piece of meat coated in gold. At least, that was the caveat that many internet users made after the repercussion of the material.

How much is the golden steak that the players ate?

The restaurant’s chef is Salt Bae, who became famous for his performances when serving food. He became a meme because of the pose he strikes while splashing prepared meats.

According to one of the branches of the restaurant that exists in London, the golden steak can cost up to 1,450 pounds. This means that, in the conversion to reais, it would be the same as paying R$ 9 thousand for the preparation. Covered in 24-karat gold, the meats have been attracting the attention of many people for some years now.

It is not possible to say that the golden steak posted by Brazilian players is the most expensive in the restaurant. Even so, it is possible to say that it can be one of the cheapest meats, priced around R$ 5,300.

Video sparked internet outrage

Although many people did not care about the very expensive tasting of the players, several netizens and commentators spoke about it.

The highlight was the lack of sensitivity towards the Brazilian fans themselves. That’s because the wage average in Brazil is below R$ 3 thousand. According to the IBGE, around 70% of Brazilians receive less than two minimum wages per month.

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