Welcome back! Five trends from the past that are back

The proof that fashion is cyclical lies in the trends of the past that traveled through time, bound for the present. It’s as if nostalgia were a trend in itself, as it revived miniskirts and platforms from adolescence, which marked years that will never come back.

Bet on modernized models or rescue pieces from the five trends that follow from the wardrobe and create new memories with them.

1. miniskirt

With or without tights, the miniskirts, which made their mark in the 60s, are to be worn again. You can opt for ones that combine other trends, such as fringes and sparkles, or, since it’s the cold season, for warmer fabrics, such as corduroy.

2. shoulder pads

In tulle, in dresses and even in blazer by actress Anne Hathaway, the shoulder pads (or shoulder pads) are already out there and the more we see them, the more we want them. It is possible that a mother or grandmother has a piece with this detail from the 80s that you can rescue, however, if you are not that lucky, it is certain that you will find a model similar to the one Victoria Beckham wore in 2009 at Zara or Stradivaius.

3. T-shirt with top

We move forward another decade to talk about what jumped from the 90s to 2022: t-shirt under top. This trend, which also extends to the combination of t-shirt with slip dress, was often used by Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) in Friends and now it can be used by you again.

4. y2k

Waist-length and shaped pants wide leg: are you ready to go back to the 2000 style called y2k? Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton will be happy right now to be able to wear the clothes that marked a generation again, just like us, who are going to use the crop tops and low-waisted wide pants.

5. Platforms

We arrived at the footwear section, where platforms dominate. They don’t have to be exactly B&W, they could just be 70s-style boots from Versace or Pull & Bear (depending on what you’re willing to spend to go back in time). And it’s a good bet, because, according to Vogue, the trend will last until the summer of 2023.

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