where to watch the adidas cup final

This Friday (9), at 9 am, at Ninho do Urubu, Flamengo Under-16 will meet again an “old new” acquaintance. After all, the Garotos do Ninho will have, once again, Santos Laguna ahead of them. But now it’s worth the Adidas Cup title.

In the first match, Monday (5), the two teams were tied by 1×1, in a game for the group stage. At the time, Menegatti opened the scoring and Alex Valencia equalized for the Mexicans.

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Where to watch the Adidas Cup final

The first international tournament involving youth categories that takes place in Brazil is broadcast on different Flamengo channels over the internet. Therefore, fans who want to watch the match between Flamengo and Santos Laguna will have options to choose from.

The Garotos do Ninho game, which could be Flamengo’s 37th base in 2022, will be broadcast on three different Flamengo channels: FLA TV, FLA TV+ and on the club’s official Facebook page. The transmission will start half an hour before the ball rolls, that is, at 8:30 am, just tune in to one of the channels to follow the match.

Rival’s campaign

In the first phase of the Adidas Cup, the Mexican team had seven points, scored seven goals and conceded just one and precisely from Flamengo. So there were two wins and one loss. It started by beating Colo Colo by 2×0, then drew with Mengão and, finally, thrashed Arsenal by 4×0. In the semifinal, they tied with São Paulo by 3×3 and on penalties they won 7×6.

Watch the Adidas Cup group stage draw in full

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