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Having starred in one of the most controversial films of that year, in a recent and special interview, Ana de Armas jokes that he feared the end of his career if he was not successful in his representation as marilyn monroe in blonde🇧🇷

Taking one of today’s most acclaimed stars to the screen as one of the most important Hollywood icons of all time, the film certainly made an impact on Internet users this year, due to its different perspective on Monroe’s life and career, putting the star itself protagonist in an adaptation considered “macho” and “out of touch with reality”.

Now, by participating in the framework Actors on Actorsgives Varietythe star Ana de Armas said that he never imagined playing one day marilyn monroe in a production, in addition to having revealed that he thought his career would end if his representation in blonde wasn’t good. “It was a big risk. I knew, if I don’t get this one right, it’s over. I will raise cows and chickens in the field!”, said the actress, who, although she participated in the controversial film, had her performance praised. Watch an excerpt from the interview:

Names behind Blonde and more!

With the direction of Andrew Dominikthe film is based on the biographical work of Joyce Carol Oateswhile the production counts with names such as brad pitt🇧🇷 In addition to Ana de Armas leading the cast, the team of actors is still formed by Adrien Brody🇧🇷 Bobby Cannavale🇧🇷 Sara Paxton and among other names.

blonde is available for playback on streaming Netflix🇧🇷

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