World Cup in Qatar: how much does a camel cost?

The amounts charged to purchase a camel will depend on several factors (Getty IMage)

The amounts charged to purchase a camel will depend on several factors (Getty Image)

  • “How much does a camel cost?” was one of the most asked questions on Google in 2022;

  • Interest in the animal arose during the World Cup year in Qatar;

  • This is one of the most expensive animals on the planet.

The camel is the symbol of Qatar, the country hosting the 2022 World Cup. Perhaps that is why the price of the animal was among the most searched terms on Google in 2022.

The pets, by the way, are among the most expensive on the planet. They are very coveted for several reasons, such as being used in tourism companies and even as pets.

The amounts charged to acquire one will depend on several factors, such as the breed (the dromedary, with one hump, and the Bactrian, with two), the sex and the region in which they are.

Currently, it is to find puppies and adults for values ​​ranging from US$ 80 to US$ 20,000, something around R$ 400 to R$ 104,000. There are even luxury camels that can reach values ​​of more than US$ 50 million, or R$ 260 million.

In the Middle East, camels will vary in price between US$ 315 (R$ 1,600) and US$ 2.7 million (R$ 14 million), depending on the country. The most expensive in the world, the Arnoun dromedary, was sold in Kuwait for around US$ 53 million.

As the animals come from desert environments, their diet is based on bushes, dry grasses, branches, cacti, seeds, grains and various types of plants.

However, it is necessary to have adequate space so that they can move around and live peacefully. It is still necessary to train the four-legged companion so that he can adapt to the new location.

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