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After 13 years of preparation for Avatar to come back to life, the premiere is getting closer and closer and we will have Zoe Saldana again in the role of Neytiri for the continuation called ‘Avatar: The Path of Water’, which will open in theaters on December 15th.

Although the premiere looks of this film were breathtaking, it is a fact that Zoe Saldaña came in at the top, as the best look. It is important here to also make an honorable mention to other actors, including Kate Winslet, who at 47 years old displayed an impressive figure in a gray halter dress.

The premiere was held at Leicester Square of London, last Monday and, among the guests were Jourdan Dunn, Will.i.Am, Bailey Bass, Sigourney Weaver and, of course, director James Cameron.

Zoe Saldaña’s look for the premiere of Avatar: The Path of Water

The 44-year-old actress dazzled on the carpet in a short dress with a black skirt and a black sheer top, a look that was a perfect reference to the Avatar story, as it looked like Zoe Saldaña had just come out of the sea.

The hair was styled in light waves with a wet effect, made by stylist Mara Roszak and which accompanied the dress signed by Alexander McQueen – this included embroidery with stones and a design that recalled flowers and sea waves.

To the look, she added a ring with blue stones, a ring with green stones and other discreet accessories in silver, which matched the dress. In addition to a natural and bright makeup.

Zoe posted a little behind the scenes where she showed more about her styling process before shining on the carpet at premiere🇧🇷

Avatar: The Way of Water

Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana return to their roles as Jake Sully and Neytiri. Jake, once a wheelchair-bound military veteran who joined the GDR’s Avatar project on Pandora, is now living his life in the body of a Na’vi, the blue-skinned inhabitants of this moon. He and Neytiri have built a life in the jungle, including having children.

However, they must leave home and explore the regions of Pandora, going to sea and making pacts with other Na’vi in ​​the region.

Learn more about what to expect from the film here.

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