Brazilians turn coat and adopt Argentina in the Qatar Cup

Just over an hour after Brazil’s elimination to Croatia in the quarterfinals of the World Cup, some Brazilians decided to join with Argentines to cheer for the brothers against Holland, for the same phase of the competition, in a traditional Argentine pizzeria in Belo Horizon.

After the defeat on penalties by the Brazilian team to Croatia, personal trainer Paulo Roberto Costa wore a Lionel Messi shirt and decided to accompany his friend Pedro Nascimento, who is Brazilian, but an assumed fan of Argentina.

“We were watching the Brazil game and it was very dry. When we were eliminated, I said: the Cup cannot end. I got into character and suffered until the end with the penalty kicks”, said Paulo.

According to Pedro, his grandfather was German, but an enthusiast of the Argentine national team and, as a result, he did not build a relationship with the Brazilian national team.

“My grandfather inspired me to be an Argentina fan because he admired the race they have. Today I don’t support Brazil and I confess that I was drying up the selection against Croatia. It was with a lot of suffering, but Argentina showed the race as always ,” said Peter.

Brazilians vibrate with Argentina's classification - Lohanna Lima/UOL - Lohanna Lima/UOL

Brazilians vibrate with classification of Argentina

Image: Lohanna Lima/UOL

Fan washed the soul

For more than 20 years living in Brazil, professor Florencia Callati expressed her joy at Brazil’s elimination before the match between the Netherlands and Argentina. According to her, Brazilian friends always joked about the Argentines’ performance, but today was different.

“I’m very happy indeed. My friends always pick on me, but not today. Brazilians like to sing victory ahead of time. We’re very happy today”, he said.

Argentina and Croatia face each other next Tuesday (13), at 4 pm (Brasília time) for the semifinals of the World Cup. Until then, many Brazilians will try to dry up their South American rival, but others will join the brothers in cheering for Messi and company.

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