Details of the relationship between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde on set

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde met on the set of Don’t Worry, Darling, and have been in a relationship ever since. What was that relationship like on set?

Harry Styles and Olivia Wildemet on the set of Do not worry, dear, which the star acts and the artist directs. It didn’t take long for the two to start being seen together, and today they maintain a relationship, but far away from the spotlight.

Several sources previously told the Page Sixthat Florence Pugh – who stars in the psychological drama alongside Harry Styles – wasn’t happy with Wilde’s crush on the other lead during filming. However, now other sources say the lovebirds weren’t flaunting their blossoming romance – so much so that most people on set didn’t know they were a couple.

🇧🇷Olivia was super professional – both she and Harry were. We were all stunned to learn that they were a couple and didn’t even realize they were one until the news broke publicly.,” said a source from the set.

Wilde and Styles made their public debut at Styles’ agent’s wedding, Jeffrey Azoff, in January 2021 and have been in the relationship ever since. Another well-known source added: “We were shooting the movie at the height of COVID. Everyone had a job to do and we were focused on that. I certainly didn’t see Harry and Olivia getting all over each other!”

Does Florence Pugh Disapprove of Harry and Olivia’s Romance?

protagonist of Don’t Worry Darling, actress Florence Pugh would have some criticism to make for her co-star Harry Styles and the director of the film Olivia Wilde. The reason for discomfort for the actress, supposedly, is the romantic affair that began behind the scenes of the film. The trio will appear together at the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

An insider told the site Page Six that the climate is tense between the two actress and the former member of One Direction🇧🇷

“I can confirm to you that it didn’t sit well with Florence watching Harry and Olivia flirting and getting close to each other on the set because she was still with Jason. [Sudeikis] when it all started, a source told the site.



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