Hideo Kojima reveals mysterious logos related to his new game

The new images hide some clues about what the famous director is preparing

Although he hasn’t released the name or many details of his new project yet, Hideo Kojima keeps sharing teasers about him on social media🇧🇷 Last Thursday (1), the director released three new logos that seem to be directly related to the next game from Kojima Productions.

The image was accompanied by the phrase “start a new journey”, used precisely to arouse curiosity among players. One of the logos belongs to “Automated Public Assistance Company”, which promises to play an important role in the new story created by the studio.

The others, on the other hand, have more mysterious characteristics, resembling a kind of gate with a dome on top and an animal with several tentacles. While two of the logos are brand new, the image that looks like a gate (or its personal interpretation) has already been used by Kojima Productions alongside the actresses announcement and actors participating in the new project.

Kojima is working on two games

What makes the teasers shared by the director more confusing is the fact that the developer seems to be working on two games simultaneously🇧🇷 While one of them should be Overdose, experiment with doses of terror, the other promises to be a direct sequel to Death Stranding.

Until the moment, Kojima confirmed the presence of actresses Shiori Kutsuna and Elle Fanning in one of his projects, but did not release details about the roles they are expected to play. While the new logos promise to hint at the games he’s working onit will take some time for them to be clarified to the public.

Another element that remains a mystery is which platforms should receive the games being prepared by Kojima Productions. While the sequel to Death Stranding should come out for PlayStation 5 and PCOverdose may be the result of partnership between the studio and Microsoft that was announced in June of this year — or a project that has nothing to do with it.

Hideo Kojima wants to remain independent until the day he dies

Hideo Kojima wants to remain independent until the day he dies
The director claims that he has already turned down several proposals to acquire Kojima Productions


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