It is possible to earn BRL 35 in cashback in the Nubank digital wallet; see how

Cashback in Nubank’s digital wallet is a new advantage in the bank. Currently, Nubank is among the main digital banks in the country. Thus, he manages to win over his audience due to the advantages such as the lack of annuity on the account.

However, another point that draws a lot of attention from the population are its programs. The bank offers several options for the most different types of public. Today, the news is cashback in the digital wallet.

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Cashback in Nubank’s digital wallet

Nubank is bringing a new cashback promotion. The novelty is a partnership with Google Pay and also Mastercard. Thus, the campaign offers around BRL 35 to people who make payments from BRL 5 reais using their credit card.

The action began on the 6th, Tuesday, and continues until the 31st of December this year. Now, fintech aims to offer around a million dollars in prize money in the form of cashback.

Therefore, people who obey the rules will be able to earn values ​​between R$ 15, R$ 25 and R$ 35 directly in the invoice discount. However, those interested in receiving the news must comply with the campaign criteria.

How to participate?

To start being part of the option is simple. You must be a Nubank customer. In addition, the person also needs to be the first cardholder. It is worth remembering that the card must have the Mastercard brand.

People who received the email from the bank talking about the option can receive the news. Messages via bank application are also valid. Thus, it is important to investigate to find out if you are a person chosen for the program.

Note below that there are several criteria that must be followed. All are listed below:

  • Be an individual;
  • Make purchases on credit of at least R$ 5;
  • Be over 18 years old and currently live in Brazil;
  • Be the holder of a bank card with the Mastercard brand;
  • Perform at least three transactions using the Eligible Google Pay Card;
  • Participate in the promotion between the 6th and 31st of December.

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Getting your cashback

After starting to participate in the program, it is possible that the person will be a little confused about how to participate in the novelty. It’s pretty simple for that too. First, it is important to remember to register the Mastercard card in your Google digital wallet.

Only then does the promotion begin to take effect. It should be noted that it is necessary to comply with the other rules mentioned above.

It is also worth remembering that each participant will be awarded only once in this program. Therefore, after securing your gift, the cashback must be credited to the card statement within 60 days. The term starts counting after the program ends.

If you haven’t yet added your card to your Google Pay digital wallet, it’s worth understanding how to go about this process. Thus, it is necessary to open the application and then click on the “My cards” tab.

Then choose the option of “Virtual Card” and “Configure”. Follow the steps prompted by the application. Then just choose the “Add to Google Pay” option. Okay, now it’s just shopping.

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