Johnny Depp writes song about lawsuit against Amber Heard

Song will be one of 13 from the actor’s project with guitarist Jeff Beck; album will be released this Friday (15)

The process of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard it’s going to be music. According to The Guardianthe track is one of two composed by the actor for his project alongside the British guitarist Jeff Beck – an album called 18scheduled to be released next Friday (15).

The album is a partnership between depp and Beck, who have performed together on several occasions over the past few months. The album will mostly be made up of versions by other artists, but will still have room for the actor’s two songs, called ‘This is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr’, about the actress and inventor. Hedy Lamarr; and ‘Sad Motherfuckin’ Parade’.

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Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck (Playback)
Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck (Playback)

‘When Johnny and I started playing together, it really ignited our youth and creativity. I joked about how it felt to be 18 again, so this ended up being the title of the album.” Beck🇧🇷

The partnership between depp and Beck dates from 2019, but it is not the first musical project of the actor, who has his own band, hollywood vampires🇧🇷

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In addition to the two songs written by the actor, the disc had versions of motown It’s from Beach Boys🇧🇷

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