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Meta announces this Wednesday, the 7th, the arrival of personalized emojis to WhatsApp. With the update, it is possible to create a “digital avatar” with the user’s physical characteristics and use it as a profile picture or share it as a sticker in message conversations.

The messaging app will generate a pack of 36 unique user-created avatar stickers featuring different actions and expressions of the interacting faces that have dominated social media in recent years. The company added Facebook-like features in 2020, with less customization and a “simpler” design.

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Another news from WhatsApp

Namely: Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and CEO of Meta – the umbrella company of his business, shared the following on the official page of the social network in response to the news: More styles will be available in all our apps soon🇧🇷

At first, the company still checked the help center on the WhatsApp website to ensure that the messenger’s privacy settings were in effect when using a custom avatar as a profile picture. Indeed, in addition, the application has developed the ability to create stickers with personal emojis from other users.

First of all, WhatsApp’s new custom emoji is a tool similar to Memoji, a special format for Apple devices launched in 2018. The feature, however, uses the iPhone’s selfie camera to create an avatar with the user’s physical characteristics. Since January of this year, meta avatars have been available on Instagram as a reaction option to Stories.

How to create your own WhatsApp avatar

Click on the “Settings” tab; Click on “Avatar” and then click on “Build Avatar”; Do as instructed; To save your avatar, click “OK”;

How to use your avatar as your WhatsApp profile picture

Go to the “Settings” tab; Click on your profile picture; Click on “Change”; Choose an option “Use Avatar”;

How to delete your own emoji on WhatsApp

Go to the “Settings” tab; Select “avatar”; Click ‘Delete avatar’ and click ‘Delete’ to confirm.

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Where did emojis come from?

Emojis emerged in Japan in the 90s and have unique characteristics that thus belong to a ready-made number bank. They were formulated by Shigetaka Kurita, who developed words from the Japanese phrases “e” (image) and “moji” (letter), which in Portuguese means “pictogram”. As a result, emojis include other emojis and characters. which was originally considered an emoji but will only be available in the manga version.

The first emoji was a heart, released in 1995 by NTT DoCoMo, where Kurita worked. Phone companies are experiencing a boom in pager sales. And decided to use this symbol to attract a young audience. The initiative was a success but was later scrapped to allow the device to better adapt to the expectations of adult consumers.

Meanwhile, Kurita was working on the i-mode project, which would provide services like weather, news, and email. Later, it became the first widespread mobile Internet platform in the world. Furthermore, similar offers are being made by US competitors AT&T and PocketNet. But when using it, Kurita had trouble identifying information like “sunny” or “rainy” without images to represent them.

First of all, the numbers were immediately copied by competitors. However, it wasn’t until 2010, when iOS 4 was released, that Kurita’s creation still took the world by storm. Namely: Apple was the first foreign company to adopt numbers, and the phenomenon was soon followed by Google and Microsoft with their Android and Windows Phone devices.

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